1. T

    Need relationship advice

    Hi everyone, I’m not sure this is the right forum to post this but it would be wonderful to get some insight and advice. My boyfriend and I have been together for three-and-a-half years. We are best friends, understand one another and love each other very much. But we are at a crossroads...
  2. T

    Boyfriend with agoraphobia, panic disorder, social anxiety, anxiety

    Hi everyone, I’m not sure this is the right forum to post this but it would be wonderful to get some insight and advice. My boyfriend and I have been together for three-and-a-half years. We are best friends, understand one another and love each other very much. But we are at a crossroads...
  3. E

    Boyfriend blames me for his schizophrenia

    Me and my boyfriend of nearly five years have recently had an extremely toxic few months in our relationship, and according to him it is entirely my fault and I am the 'fucked up' one... He hasn't been diagnosed with schizophrenia, but I am almost certain he has it, because of the past year he...
  4. M

    My boyfriend has severe depression. Help!

    Hi everybody This is my first post here but reading forums has been my godsend lately. My boyfriend is depressed. He’s been struggling with depression since before we met and he was very open about it when we met. Lately I can see that he’s down and his depression has gotten hold of him...
  5. tragicpink

    cheating fantasy

    i dont think i want advice, i think i just need to be heard and related to. first of all, i love my boyfriend with my entire heart and would never do anything to jeopardise our relationship. period. but i really really love attention. especially when it's from people who want me sexually and/or...
  6. L

    Need Help With Unmedicated Boyfriend

    How can I help calm down my boyfriend when he's having a mood swing?
  7. S

    Relationship anxiety.. Help

    Okay so.. I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for around 13 months. I have crazy relationship anxiety and I had it in my previous relationships as well. I love my boyfriend to death and I am always asking for reassurance such as “do you love me” “do you want to break up with me” “do...
  8. U

    I don't know why I'm so nervous but-

    Hi :P It's midnight and I'm writing an introduction. Probably not the best idea but here goes :dance: 21 years old, been in therapy 10 years for anxiety, depression and PTSD, tried everything there is to try and lost all my friends gradually as their lives have moved on and mine hasn't. Never...
  9. M

    GAD with depressive episodes, and detaching from partner

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum and I really hope someone could help me better understand my situation, or tell me that is normal what I'm going through. Sorry for the lenght of my thread. Me and my boyfriend are together from 5 years, and I've always thought he is my person. Never a doubt...
  10. P

    Father of my boyfriend gave inappropiate touch

    Hello, I need some advice on how to handle a difficult situation. My boyfriend and I have been a couple for more than 5 years and we get along very well. We are crazy in love with each other and plan to spend the rest of our lives together. On one day we went food shopping with my boyfriend's...
  11. AllOfIt

    Inability to recall faces

    Hello, I'm new here and I have a question. So I have this thing which happens to me sometimes - I can't recall how my boyfriend looks like after I haven't seen him in several days. I mean, I know how he looks like, I'd be perfectly able to recognize him, but I just can't recall his face or...
  12. R


    Hello, I've just joined the forum. I struggle with depression and suicidal thoughts as well as anxiety. I'm joining mostly because my boyfriend wanted me to find a mental health forum or group to get support from :rolleyes:
  13. L

    my boyfriend is diagnosed with anxiety

    Hey everyone. At first I want to tell you that english is my second language and therefore I will make mistakes and may not find the right words to say. if you don't get what I am talking about please ask. I'm here because my boyfriend got diagnosed with anxiety and I don't know how to help...
  14. S

    Is he playing mind games?

    My boyfriend of 5 months ghosted me, unfriended and unfollowed me on social media. He has a lot of psychopathic traits. He is charming, pathological liar, lacks empathy, he did the whole love bombing, gaslighting, triangulation etc. Anyway, after unfollowing me, he came back one day to check my...
  15. S

    Why is he haunting me now?

    He didn’t break up with me upfront. Yes, he ghosted me after dating for 5 months. While we were dating, he made so many promises, he saw a future with me etc. In fact, everything I went through seems like he was manipulating me all along. I’ve been reading a lot about psychopaths nowadays, and...
  16. M

    Depressed and scared.

    I recently moved countries to live with my grandparents that I don't really know. I did this as my boyfriend lives in this country and because my family is toxic I guess, my dad emotionally abused me from when I was around 12 all the way until I left this year which would be 21, he hit me a few...
  17. S

    How to stop

    I keep getting depressed because my stepbrother and step sister have partners and I don't. My stepsister is on holiday with her boyfriend and his family abroad and my stepbrother is buying a flat with his girlfriend Im still alone :sorry::sorry::nod2:
  18. A

    A couple of anxious people

    I suffer from generalised anxiety disorder, and my boyfriend suffers from social anxiety and depression. I've come to terms with my GAD and I have coping mechanisms, but it's taken years for me to find the strength to get the help I needed. My boyfriend doesn't take any outside help and is...
  19. M

    Supporting my boyfriend

    Hi, This isn’t first post but I really need some advice from people who really understand. My boyfriend has suffered from depression for many years. He hides his struggles VERY well and it’s only when disaster strikes that he tells me things are not going well. Of late, the impact of his...
  20. M

    Partners with depression

    Hello everyone, Sorry if this has been posted a million times - I am new. I’ve been with my partner for over a year now. He is 100% without a doubt the love of my life. He is my soul mate. For about 8 months now he has been suffering with depression. I do everything I can to help. I am...