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  1. 2

    Just dropped in...

    Hi, I've been on meds for depression/anxiety for over 20 years but it probably started before that. I've had several different kinds of episodes along the way but I don't tick enough boxes to be any flavour of bipolar. Just on the spectrum. Recently had an odd one and thought I'd try this...
  2. T

    Where did i put that envelope ?

    Wrote one of those "write it all down but don't send it" things to a previous therapeutic community but cant find it anyway. Feel like a baby who has lost his favourite teddy bear in that everything must stop, nothing else matters, until said beloved and comforting toy is located. Though not...

    Is it sign of poor mental health to collect old documents and hoard them?

    Is it sign of poor mental health to collect old documents and hoard them? I have boxes and folders full of documents; bank statements, DWP letters, other financial stuff. It goes back over 20 years. I am generally not a tidy person. I never know where to put my stuff. Under my bed there are...
  4. D

    light boxes for uk people?

    has anyone bought a light box did it work or is it just a con?
  5. F

    The service user's narrative

    Is seldom sought and largely ignored when given. Especially when it doesn't fit the pre designed boxes that psychiatry has created.
  6. piglet

    Damn that was hard!

    Well, it took me over 5 hours but I did it, I filled in my DLA renewal forms. I've opted for doing it myself this time using the guide from the benefitsandwork website. I compared my form with the one filled in last time with help from the CAB. The old one was all brief descriptions and one...
  7. T

    Now I feel like no one is willing to help me.

    Ive posted someone where else but this is making my feeling worse. They said it would a tragey if i were to kill myself when i have come so far but in actual fact they mean oh that wouldnt be good for us. They do not care about me or how i feel or what i need just have i ticked all the right...
  8. T

    Help what on earth do they think that means.

    CMHT have now been told by Social Services that they need to refer me. Why on earth is that when i referred myself on GP advices due my phyiscal diabilities. My GP is away and asked for all this to be done urgently. What they hell im now screaming help me and its we havent got the right forms or...
  9. bubbling under

    SAD Lamps

    In my mothers wisdom she's ordered one of these for me, and I'll get it tomorrow. All I know is they're supposed to 'fake' sunlight and make you feel a wee bit better. Tbh I have my sceptical head on, although it seems I am ticking a few boxes at the moment. Has anyone ever used one or know...