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    My name is James I am 41 and have just been diagnosed with Schizophrenia and depression. I also have agoraphobia and am house bound. Glad to be here.
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    My situation...

    Hi everyone, my name is Dave, I am a man of course, im new here, id like to share a little of my life here and meet some people who are also dealing with similar situation as me so I dont feel like im the only one in the world who is like this, which I feel like I am the only one in my area...
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    Fear is my master

    I am bound by his thick chains.
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    Now I AM very sorry

    I am that educated bitch from North of Border ........... This is a great forum but come on .............. You going to assume everything each n every one of you say on here is valid?!!! Every post needs to be evaluated - aye, mine too! There are bound to be folks on here who think they are...