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  1. K

    Impulsive behavior close call!

    I almost bought a 2018 car. I have a 2011. It would've set me back $150 a month. Knowing it would tight on my budget I really was thinking about buying that car. Impulsive shopping I hate it!! If i would've bought that car I would definitely regret it Thanks to my boyfriend for talking me...
  2. A


    I can only say this because it's anonymous here but is this normal for bipolar 2? I'm single and do not have a sex drive at all normally. At times though I have experienced a huge rush in that department. Usually lasting a few weeks. I have hooked up with men for sex, watched porn and bought...
  3. N

    25ml Abilify - holiday/vacation - very very strong - now back home rerducing

    25ml Abilify - holiday/vacation - very very strong - now back home rerducing Hi Folks, Whilst away and still away on holiday/vacation, I was finding later on in review mode, that 25ml was once more very very strong in the waking alerting sense, for during the evening and onwards and including...
  4. E

    Pregnant with health anxiety

    Hi guys, I'm not looking for answers to my anxieties, I already know it's all in my head. I make things a million times worse than what they are and I am an expert in catastrophizing. I'm here because I'm looking for someone to talk to, rather than be sat here googling my symptoms. At the...
  5. N

    Could I be bipolar?

    Hi, 29 male here. I have suffered severe anxiety, depression, memory lapses and such for many years, since I was a young teen. Seen countless doctors, counsellors, psychiatrists. All with the same diagnosis, severe anxiety and depression. I always felt it could be more, but whenever I bought...
  6. valleygirl

    Spending Out of Control

    I have almost maxed out my credit card with a $2000 limit. I just bought 3 pairs of Keens athletic sandals in different colours. I spent $34 on a top I shouldn't have bought, about $100 on birthday presents for my one year old niece, and a North Face rain coat that was over $200 (supposed to...
  7. P

    im in a frustrating situation.

    Hello everyone. I guess i just need to vent and get support for what has happened. A guy that I chatted to a few years ago- we met on a dating site and chatted for a few weeks and added each other on fb. There wasn't a connection so we both just went our seperate ways but remained friends on...
  8. B

    Being the patsy

    I,m currently living somewhere else until next Friday, & the guy living downstairs keeps asking me to buy him snax. He hasn't even started drinking the root beer I bought him last month. He asked for club soda yesterday & told me I could have the rest of the pop I bought. There is a sale at the...
  9. amathus

    Have you been impulsive lately...how??

    Bought yet another kindle book...:doh2:
  10. S

    Ambiion acheived !!!!

    I've been playing guitar for 27 years.I've always wanted to be a musician.For as long as I can remember. So I decided to do something about it.For a long time my ambition has been to go busking. I sold my most precious possessions and bought what I needed to go busking. I bought a trolley...
  11. Jelly


    Being ill is a full-time job, but those times when you are getting better can be very boring and isolated. I'm there now, getting better but very alone. There are people i can see, but i'm not quite well enough to travel far or go out for long. Times like this i wonder what the point of my life...
  12. D

    light boxes for uk people?

    has anyone bought a light box did it work or is it just a con?
  13. S

    A few months have passed

    since I was last here using the name Barly, & a long time before that the name TheFinalShowdown. I always skip the homepage but now shall read bits of it. Further to one of my posts I have now bought Skullcap tea & tincture & expect to report back on it.
  14. bobshocker

    In the someday, what's that Sound. - prize you know the lyrics.

    what the fuck can I do with the rest of my life? I've done my shit. I've done the house, the education, the girl, the kids, the picture postcard holidays. I came from nuthin' , I had nuthin. First new clothes were a pair of trousers my mum bought me when I was 14. I had to act like a was a...
  15. Lincoln1990

    I'm a stupid bitch

    Yep I'm stupid. I broke my bed today got that fixed (bought a New one). I'm just stupid. I've gotten so vested in this site. I care about each and everyone of you. I=stupid
  16. prairiechick

    One Step Closer

    I nearly bought something at the drug store this evening that would be a lethal combination with my prescriptions. I only put it back at the last minute. I feel I am getting closer and closer to doing this, and when I do decide to, no one will be able to stop me. I am so sick of this life...
  17. mrlaurel

    bloody illness!!!

    moods up and down all the time, I'm sick of it! woke up this morning and the feeling of suicde were imense, overwelming to be honest..... I was just lying here shacking with fear.. I'm sick ot if................ I'm out later and I don't want to go, dont have much choose as ticket have been...
  18. M


    Hi Bought an e cig last week and smoked my last cigarette on Monday. Was doing really well until a crap stressful day at work yesterday so bought 10 fags:low: I am so disappointed in myself.
  19. T

    **further developments**

    Over the last two days it has been decided that the right to freedom of speech and personal privacy be outlawed. Those people still practicing these ancient rights will face charges of belittlement, 5 lashings, and be outcast from the immediate community. Anyone expecting to be able to...
  20. P

    pfft. rant about "friends"

    i went to meet my footy team today.. past few times they have been out i didn't go so i missed out on all the jokes .. so obviously i didn't have a clue what they were talking about half the time.. a few of them also decided to take the piss out of my motorbike (which they haven't seen) and its...