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  1. Z

    Should I give up alcohol?

    Hi there everyone, I'm 28 and have a relationship with alcohol that goes way back. I'm not an alcoholic in the sense that I drink heavy amounts everyday but I do certainly abuse it and it's mainly for the medicinal effects rather than the enjoyment. Out of all the drugs I've used in my life...
  2. dodo777

    How to keep warm without using gas or electric?

    I use hot water bottle under quilt .Any ideas welcome.
  3. loulabelle

    how has everyones day gone?

    Ive been up since really early my sister woke me up at 4 to tell me hes been and she has ptesents i told her its to early and to get into bed but then she woke me up again at 6.30 lol she got lots from santa and then she had like3x the amount if presents to every one else under the tree bless...
  4. fizzbom80

    crashing down :(

    So have had the worst day I've had for a long time I've been sailing along then today I've woke up today and want it all to to away I've sat looking at tablets wanting to swig them all down with a bottle if wine luckily I managed to stop myself Hate feeling like this I just can't do it I want...
  5. R

    Care Plan?

    I've been summoned to an 'annual health review' with the practice nurse (you'd hope they'd have finished practising by now ;) ) in a couple of weeks, and the (slightly garbled) letter from my GP mentions something about preparing a Care Plan to take with me (along with a wee sample that I don't...
  6. RedRoseBeauty

    I need alot of 'supportive words'

    I am fighting the urge to walk down to the shop and get a bottle of vodka :(
  7. diamondshine

    given tablets away

    When I last got my prescription for diazepam, they gave the tablets to me loose, in a bottle. I find this really triggering and it makes me much more likely to OD, cos the tablets are there in my hand, not separated by the foil blister. Having hidden upstairs the whole evening in my friend's...
  8. J

    Can I hold down a relationship with someone who drinks?

    OK I've just come off a ten day bender, my GF drinks and last night there was a bottle of wine in her kitchen, but I held off drinking it, she's got some stuff going on in her life atm and has been hitting the bottle a bit to deal with it. Tonight as she has done before when I'm coming off a...
  9. J

    self harmed again

    Things just got to much for me last night and I ended up drinking a bottle of vodka and self harming.
  10. A

    Confidence destroyed....

    Hi, Forgive me it has been sometime since my last post. My self confidence has always been fragile at the best of times and i am a person who needs the "arm round the shoulder" treatment quite often. In truth it has not recovered to an acceptable level since i was destroyed 15 years ago when...