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  1. B

    I'm going to stop drinking

    I am not going to touch another alchoholic drink after 18th March. After all, I'm Irish and St Paddys is just around the corner! I easily drank more alcohol between 15 and 20 than I did between 20 and my mid forties, but since last October I've started spiralling out of control. It started with...
  2. M

    Any medicine people left?

    So we use these substances not to become addicts, but to break out of the cage that has one bottle of water and othe other is filled with ever chemical we are told to take in the cage. Can I bust your your trajectroy for a moment, what if I gave that rat in the cage, rate heaven, would you still...
  3. K

    Alcohol and my bpd

    Right so I am new to this. I have bpd and I can't stop drinking, I'm not an alcoholic I don't drink everyday I would say 3 out of 7 days a week. I try to tell myself just 1 glass but before I know it the bottle has gone. I don't know why I don't like who I am when I'm drinuking. I need and have...
  4. Not_Crazy_Yet

    Booze booze booze

    I went out yesterday and spent my last $7 on a 1 liter bottle of cheap vodka. It would have cost me $6 for 4 beers and that would have have been gone last night, but I still have a little bit of vodka in the bottle. I plan on drinking it after I come back from seeing my doctor. I'm already...
  5. Poopy Doll

    tenant passed away

    The day before the hurricane hit, our tenant passed away in the hospital. It was all the more sad because my bf has thirty years in AA and offered to take him to a meeting, but R chose the bottle. I thought maybe we could have done more, but my bf says some people chose the bottle. My bf would...
  6. M


    i have noe been diagnosed with ptsd from my time in psych hospital 30 yrs a go. i really struggling with whys and the treatment i recieved at the time, everything i have bottled up until now and my life has come full circle. i just rang cpn re tablets ive counted out and the bottle of whisky i...
  7. Zardos

    OCD-ish Forced Me Out

    I just went out... And its Saturday.. i don't normally go out on weekends.. Too many people... I've been having a rough few days.. i got pissed on Vodka earlier in the week, and have been paying for it ever since... I didn't sleep at all last night.. i found a site that shows Louis Theroux...
  8. SBRicketts

    Who gets the bus.

    I have been imprisoned, for drinking a bottle of rum in front of a female nurse& lacking, insight, for over 10 weeks, now. I aint talkin bout no private repiout garbage either. They said that. I have, well. Anyway, 10 weeks, for lacking insight, and drinking a bottle of rum in front of a female...
  9. M

    Drank from bottle with no safety seal- ease my fears?

    I got a bottle of cough syrup from the store and I noticed it didn't have an outer or inner safety seal. I took one serving and then started to worry that maybe I shouldn't have. I called the store and they said it definitely should have had one and that it might have been returned and...
  10. G

    Feeling sick again.and I don't care enough to stop binge eating

    Hi, I have major binge eating issues and just ate a whole jumbo Swiss roll again, I am an emotional eater and find that comfort eating dulls the pain. How do you begin to control this kind of thing? It just seems to numb the emptiness of everyday life. I think not having anyone to talk to about...
  11. G

    Hot water bottle

    A good friend gave it me for Christmas.
  12. V

    What are the pros/cons of being on Clozapine?

    Pros/cons? I'm on 550mg, is that a high dose? A friend of mine is on 50mg. Side effects for me are half an hour after I've taken it it's like I've had a bottle of whisky and I wee in my bed sometimes and I dribble. Anyone else's experience?
  13. DerFluch


    I feel itchy. Like I want to have a bottle of whiskey.
  14. FallenAngel

    Where to from here

    I am feeling at the end of my run. I am fed up with the pills, fed up with the fog and just fed up with waiting for further treatment. My family isn't the best at understanding and well I just feel like hope has caught the last train out of here. I wish I could feel the highs as I am just left...
  15. megirl

    I have so f***** up

    I have bought 2 bottles of wine this week drank one bottle on Monday had to ring in work sick but fortunately gave the other bottle away. My hubby has found the empty bottle in the recycle bin. Fucking great! I feel bad enough :cry2: So yep i just feel sorry and overwhelmed and scared. My...
  16. NatP1

    Something is wrong!

    I'm not sure, but it feels like something is wrong. I found it hard to connect last night to just everyone around me, felt like i was having a out of body experience. Now i just feel totally out of it. I really wanna get a bottle of vodka and down it.
  17. H


    Just lost one of my best friends I met online , now I feel so alone , it was all because I said what was on my mind - I didn't think I would loose him , can't stop thinking of him. He hasn't been in contact with me at all and I am so upset , I really wanted to see him too but that won't happen ...
  18. M

    Gotta love the anixety.

    I had a accident at work, Blood everywhere, taken to Hospital, had x-rays and stitches. All goes fine, I was laughing and joking with the dr's and nurse (long story short. A wine bottle exploded in my hand) and when I go back 2 days later for a Ultrasound I have a attack. Little bit of the...
  19. ghillie101

    should i ask

    I don't know whether to ask my ex from 4 years ago if she still self harms evin if I did how would I ask I need some advice, been up all night with a bottle of wine to keep me company
  20. megirl

    its all in the open now

    I thought I was an alcoholic???!! Not that that matters really but apparantly I arent :unsure: Anyway most my adult life have used alcohol on and off to self medicate. I am on antabuse but had been sometimestaking it and sometimes not. Several weeks ago I had a total blackout. Cant remember a...