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  1. maxny

    Topical otc muscle relaxer for facial tic disorders

    So my facial motor tic got much worse last year, I think due to the neuroleptics I was trying, so much so that I made a neurologist appointment to try to get botox (which is fda approved for facial tics), but I don't think insurance will cover it, so I looked for an alternative. I found...
  2. J

    fake is the way forward new me

    just had hair extensions and nail extensions today may get some botox done next feels good having a new me :)
  3. Brimble

    blushing & botox - a cautionary tale.

    Hi folks Part of my social anxiety has to do with blushing - it gets out of hand for me and I despair of the problem. So much so I read on the internet about a treatment using Botox injected into the cheeks to reduce facial redness and I went for the treatment. What a terrible mistake. The...