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  1. F

    Eating too much, how being mindful and using visulisation helped me!

    I just wanted to share something that has helped me to stop overeating recently. I have wanted to stop overeating for a long time, mainly chocolate. I am pleased to say I have found something that works, basically I just thought to myself one day whilst doing nothing and sitting at the table...
  2. EmptyIInside

    Extreme Boredom

    Does anyone else here suffer with this? I found an an article that explains it better than I can: Borderline Personality Disorder: The Dull Edge of the Knife Its this boredom that makes me want to hurt myself, just so I can feel *something*. The boredom takes me hostage every few months...
  3. C

    chronic boredom

    I am so bored. Everyday, all the time. I know others must feel this way. I am bored at work, at home at a bar. This would be a simple issue but my boredom has caused some issues. I am hypersensitive to sound and fast moving objects and people. I have been bored my entire life with fleeting...
  4. H

    Boredom at Work Escalating, Making Dealing Difficult

    Hi all, I'm an artist/illustrator in North Carolina, USA. If you know anything about that area or the arts industry, you'll understand that there are very few artist/illustrator jobs to be had, much less full-time with benefits. I am also a type one diabetic (I was diagnosed as a very young...
  5. E

    Does BPD cause chronic exhaustion?

    The tiredness is the worst at the moment and sleeping seems to be all I'm doing, I can't function. excessive boredom is another problem here.
  6. N

    Mania and Boredom

    So I'm in a manic upswing I think, and no matter what I'm doing I'm constantly bored. I can't sit still or focus on anything for almost any length of time. I generally enjoy reading, writing, Netflix, etc. but I can't read more than a page or two at a time. And I'm so bored. Even while I'm busy...
  7. Beergardenweather

    BPD and boredom...

    ... Is like feeding gremlins after midnight.
  8. G

    Need tips

    Since I have become single I have a lot of free time on my hands , the boredom has hit me big time and it's actually flaring my depression and anxiety , has anyone any tips on what they do to combat boredom?
  9. R

    Boredom due to Stability?

    I have read that many people who have experienced mania usually end up feeling very bored, due to stability or a slight depression from coming down from the manic episode. I find this to be very true, after I have experienced a manic episode, I take my medication and I do feel better, but comes...
  10. M

    Borderline and drunk

    So I was doing quite well. 3 months off alcohol only taking prescribed medications. Now I'm absolutely wasted, I fell effing great but I know tomorrow I will have the FALL. I don't want sympathy or anything I just wonder how strong the substance abuse symptom of BPD is in other people with the...
  11. R

    Anyone else feeling bored of... well everything?

    For many years now this pungent feeling of boredom and hatred has overcome me. The lack of will and motivation to do anything, constant tiredness, boredom and this deep rooted hatred against humanity; so grown into me that it is unshakable. I can not remember the last time I was excited for...
  12. R

    Should I see a doctor?

    I am contemplating whether or not my current situation warrants a trip to the doctors. Some of my symptoms do point to depression but I am not 100% sure; My mood is still all over the place, and I am still unmotivated, bored of everything (well almost) and have lost pretty much interest in...
  13. E

    Agoraphobia boredom.

    For people who don't tend to leave the house much or ever. What do you do to pass the time? Sorry for the lack of description, not quite feeling myself right now. Really could do with some help with this.
  14. C

    feel unwell

    Hi all. Hope you're all ok? I'm not so good! 5 days of drinking, hardly sleeping or eating. Just feel ill. Weak, faint & sick. Arms & legs hurt cos I haven't got any strength! I don't even enjoy drinking, it's just habit & boredom. Takes me 3 days to recover when I drink these days. Really...
  15. C

    sobriety's overrated!

    Hey all. So. 2 days with no drink or cigs...and I'm. ...Bored senseless! Healthy & well, eating properly again, just so bored I don't seem to get withdrawals (don't drink/smoke that much anyway) It's just been nice waking up last 2 days with a clear head, up at 7am, breakfast, do my housework...
  16. Diesel1988

    Doing my best to recover and become me again.

    Today, i found that I am putting 100% into everything, i know i probably won't achieve it but I have high hopes for myself and my recovery. I made myself a new routine, and am doing well with it, but i usually struggle with it maybe 6 months to a year later. i also feel i lost my confidence...
  17. porkpie

    Have I replaced problem drinking with scratch card addiction?

    What sup homeboy! I've been drink free 10 weeks now (8 of them while in hospital admittedly) but I've been doing good these last two week while on home leave innit dawg. While sectioned I could still buy scratch cards daily mainly through boredom innit, this has progressed into buying £5 ones...
  18. Grape

    drunk and disordered

    Thats me. Just unhappy. Anyone else relate? Just unhappy. I think i might be drinking through boredom too. But there is a lot of hurt inside. The past...what a fucking mess.
  19. M

    Psychologically Addicted To Drugs

    I am not physically addicted to any drug. Nor am I psychologically addicted to any specific drug. However, drugs in general I am psychologically addicted to. I need them. My life would be too boring to continue without them. I often contemplate suicide when I am forced to be sober. They are one...
  20. 2

    bpd numbness and boredom

    Does anyone else have these issues? I think my default mode is numbness,and boredom goes along with it, I basically sit here bored as hell everyday, not knowing what to do with myself. If I don't feel numb I feel like crying, or I'll be angry and act crazy. In between all of this I guess I...