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  1. sanitatemnoctis


    I'm a borderline with severe trauma issues and narcissistic tendencies. I love alone in a studio in Seattle, in a supportive housing building. I all switching therapy centers and just got off the streets after being homeless a year in July. I love sci fi and getting to know people, but have a...
  2. S


    I discovered my old Dr believed I have BPD. She didn’t intend on telling me this part of my diagnosis. While having an allergic reaction to one of my psych meds, my Dr handed me some paperwork for the ER doctors. It was an urgent situation, due to the rash which was spreading rapidly...
  3. Crow King

    Identity Disturbance

    I'm highly interested in this area of BPD because it seems to be my most prevalent symptom. I have absolutely 0 sense of who I am at all times. It never goes away. I'm newly diagnosed and have yet to begin therapy, so I'm inquiring about others' experiences with development in this department...
  4. A


    I guess I should’ve done this prior to making my first post/thread (the only one I’ve made). Possible triggers ahead: I started going to psychiatrists when I was a sophomore in high school, I believe I was fifteen at the time. I was forced into it because my parents found out that I had been...
  5. GlitterAndTwisted


    So I’m a bit new to all this and somewhat nervous about it all haha. But how many people are medicated for their BPD, how long did it take you to find the right medication for you and what is that you take please? I feel the older I’m getting, the more likely it is that I can’t be medicated...
  6. tragicpink

    update - kicked out /tw self harm

    hey guys, long time no see. I haven't written in awhile and i figured this would be a good place to let my thoughts out. I was just kicked out of my house. I can't tell if it's because of my bpd and the way i act because of it OR if my parent's are actually the worst. Or something. Essentially...
  7. E

    Ideas for my mental health blog?

    Hi all, I have recently become a mental health advocate for a charity. My current diagnosis is BPD, I have also been looking up on C-PTSD as I feel as though I identify and my anxiety has definitely got in the way of me fidning working and making any types of relationships work. I'm 23 now and I...
  8. melonino

    BPD going through pychotic episodes

    Hello everyone. I hope you are doing fine today. I was diagnosed BPD a couple of months ago, after going back and forth with anxiety, depression, obsessive and self harming tendencies... Once I got diagnosed, and excited to start with a new treatment, I finally felt a bit more calm. At least I...
  9. R

    My teacher was my FP. How do I move on?

    I had a teacher in high school who I got attached to. She allowed me to be in her class all 4 years. I've literally never even had a friendship last that long. No one in my life has ever acted as caring as she was toward me, and so I started seeing her as a mother figure. I frequently feared...
  10. C

    Dating/Relationship Advice?

    I'm kind of at my wits' end with this issue. I recently was able to graduate college, am working full-time, and am applying to go to medical school. I'm doing much better than any doc predicted when I first got the BPD diagnosis, but it's pretty much only because I wasn't in a relationship or...
  11. F

    Scans show what makes a brain ‘borderline’

    Futurity.org – Scans show what makes a brain ‘borderline’