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borderline personality

  1. S


    Hi everyone looking to talk to people with BPD , x
  2. V


    Are there more bpd girls that find it extremely hard to talk about sex? Hard to say what you do and don't want? Is that typical for bpd? What makes it so hard? And how to deal with it?
  3. S


    Hi All, I’m new. This is my first post. I have a long history of recurrent depression and anxiety for my whole adult life (the last 14 years). My most recent ‘episode’ of anxiety and depression led me to speak about symptoms with a new friend who suggested BPD (she has a BPD diagnosis). The...
  4. I

    Father of adult BPD son needs help

    My son is 33 years old and was diagnosed with BPD about 5 years ago. He pegs the meter on all the symptoms. He's functional with a good job but has had bad relationship problems over the years. His girlfriend just dumped him which triggered him to get drunk and threaten suicide. He's been in...
  5. G

    I feel like a horrible person

    I was diagnosed with bpd 4 years ago. On the inside I am very impatient and easily annoyed. I don't forgive people. I have not patience with people I think are stupid. I don't like many people. I have said rude things to people and some days just don't speak much. I cam be blunt and insult...
  6. tragicpink

    introduce yourself (right on!)

    Hi i'm tragicpink and i just joined this forum. I am a sufferer of depression, anxiety, borderline personality disorder, and PTSD (all professionally diagnosed) and i thought it would be nice to join a place for people who are similar to me in these ways. I'm 20 years old and i'm in school...
  7. S

    Girlfriend's Lies....

    Now everytime me and my girlfriend argue, I've notificed she lies to everyone around her. I'll admit I looked at her messages, a big no-no I know! But knowing how she is I knew I needed to see what she'd been saying about me. So this entire week we'd been arguing, about not spending Christmas...
  8. H

    what to do? - friend with bpd of 20+ years

    My friend of 20+ years was diagnosed with BPD. We have always been close but our friendship has always been lopsided. I have always felt like there's no space for me in our relationship. It's always about her and I feel like I'm always caught up riding her emotional roller coaster. Not too long...
  9. Z

    Characters you relate to

    Hi guys, As I'm sure you will have all noticed, TV and media often have a really rubbish representation of BPD! However sometimes writers or authors do get it right and I find that I really relate to a certain character with some of my symptoms. So my question is, what fictional characters (in...
  10. S

    Bpd and relationship problems

    Hi everyone, I have just recently been diagnosed with BPD, however I have been living with this condition for nearly 5 years now. With the help of therapy I have really learned how to control my extreme emotions but I'm still finding it difficult to develop emotional attachments. I have been...
  11. J

    Not feeling motivated and hanging on by a thread

    I have BPD with chronic depression and have been doing DBT for about 1/2 year now but only a few months with a therapist... I hit a point recently where I no longer feel motivated to really do the DBT... to read it to a large extent, and to enact it to smaller extent. This weekend I've...
  12. E

    BPD hot or cold?

    Hey, my boyfriend of 1.5 years has BPD and ADHD (formal diagnosis), we are both in the process of seeking therapy. I just need some advice and insight, because sometimes I can feel quite alone. My partner seems to go through phases of wanting closeness to wanting me gone. But it's not in a...
  13. J

    I don’t know what I want

    I’m 21 years old, diagnosed with borderline about two years ago after having symptoms for about two years prior. I’m on medication and went to therapy for about 8 months (capped out insurance so I can’t afford to go anymore until the new year), I find that even after all these attempts to help...
  14. laula

    can BPD let you have a safe pregnancy

    Does anyone know if pregnancy can be affect BPD and if I could have the meds I need? I would love to be a mum but am worried about safely having a baby any advice please!
  15. 0

    New - Advice Needed .

    Hi! I'm new to the forum, and just wanted to ask a few questions. I've had OCD for as long as I can remember. When I was about 14, I also developed an eating disorder which I still have, but for the past 4-5 years, I've been actively trying to beat it. Recently, I found out that I was...
  16. Z

    Obsessive fiaxtion on therapist

    Hi, I'm new here and I thought I might try giving this forum a shot; I hold everybody at a distance and as such I have nobody in the real world to talk to about this, so I thought I would try here for like-minded people. I hope others can perhaps relate without judgement. I'm 20 something yo...
  17. L

    Hi all

    I am from Ireland BPD since 2005. I am looking to make friends and maybe even people in Ireland who I can relate to with the health service support.
  18. soulsearcher

    anyone else had enough of BPD?

    ive had enough with it, its just messing me up big time, i want to die, i so want to die :(
  19. E

    Bpd and comorbid OCD

    Hi. I was wondering if someone have experience of BPD and OCD and if yes what kind of therapy you have received för this? I will begin DBT for my problems with BPD but im not sure how to adress the OCD parts, perhaps the OCD will remit once I start working with the DBT therapy? Any kind of...
  20. soulsearcher

    explaining BPD to other people...

    hey peeps is it just me but i find it difficult to explain BPD to other people so for exmple ill tell someone ive got BPD and then when they ask whats that exactly i just for some reason cant explain and im just like google it, anyone else like that?