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  1. C

    What do you think would help you?

    Hi there, I am planning to make an illustrated book regarding anxiety/ social anxiety mostly and just low moods in general. I was wondering what do people think would be something that would be helpful to them? Coping techniques which I have really helped me in the past, such as practising...
  2. tiltawhirl

    I usually just post in my own thread, but wanted more people to see

    I read a lot. I mean a crazy a lot. More than is healthy I am sure, as it is my "avoidance", I suppose. I also read a lot because I have a prison penpal who also loves to read and I take it as a great and solemn privilege to choose books to send her. Having also taken world lit 1 & 2, I am not...
  3. Poopy Doll

    interesting books

    So since my mother died on September 24th, I've been interested in exercise (my mother was in terrible shape) and books about death. The main book I'm re-reading is The Mystery of Death by Kirpal Singh. This book is out of print. It describes the journey and experience of the four different...
  4. M

    What should I do? Healthcare not taking me seriously

    I'm fed up with Swedish healthcare. A few years ago I was given a psychiatrist who essentially did nothing but tell me that I'm making up my concerns and I should just get over them. Three weeks ago I was driven to an acute psychiatric hospital in Stockholm after contacting a local healthcare...

    Accepting yourself for who you are.

    I often am angry with myself because of low self esteem which leads to depression. I think I need to accept who I am. I am going to check out a book about it. Has anybody come across this concept and feels similar?
  6. A

    I released my first book on Schizophrenia from personal experience!

    I have had Schizophrenia for over 10 years, and I finally was able to write down what has been going on. I hallucinate aliens and military, angels etc. But it has been a very peculiar journey, and I have tried my best to explain it. In the book I also talk briefly about what I think...
  7. pentagram

    My book has been published

    Hi folks, last time I was here I was talking about my recovery and the help I have had in writing down my experiences, well here I am again, the book is now available to view and maybe buy?, priced at £8.99 The book is called ‘Is it about that boy? The Shocking Trauma of Aversion Therapy’ and...
  8. S

    Reading a book

    I posted the other week when I was having a really bad time. I had a great weekend and felt so much better and now I have gone straight back into a slump again. It is becoming physically tiring and without realising I have lost some weight the past couple of week. This dark cloud never really...
  9. Kerome

    Taschen’s Murals of Tibet

    I would like a copy, even though it’s a huge book...
  10. G

    Don't Just Diet, Live It - looking for safe people!

    I have just read the book Don't Just Diet, Live It by Andrea Wachter and Marsea Marcus and I think it will change my life... has anyone else used this book and be interested in giving and receiving support as a "safe person"?
  11. A

    Anxiety and Mindfulness

    Hey all, I've dealt with anxiety for as long as I can remember, (I'm 23.) I went to the bookstore the other week as I usually do and bought this book on mindfulness. Haven't really gotten into it but I've done some mediation. Anyone have experience with mindfulness in general? -Ari
  12. C

    Hi everyone

    I have just joined so here to say a huge hello and look forward to sharing and hearing about those who are dealing with bpd. I'm an open book so feel free to ask
  13. G

    Book - Running for my life

    Hi all Hope you don't mind but I'd like to recommend a book It's called Running for my life by 'Rachel Ann Cullen' It deals with bi-polar and family depression and has had 60 5* reviews on amazon Suffering from depression but desperate for 'normality', Rachel Cullen found herself in...
  14. G

    Mental health TV shows - Saturday 27/1/2018 to Friday 2/2/2018

    Newsnight on Tuesday had this item - suicide prevention amongst students - at 19 minutes 30 seconds in - https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b09pvsbf/newsnight-23012018 Ruby Wax is touring again - How To Be Human Book Tour 2018 London Monday 29th January 2018, 19.30 Launch Event of How...
  15. M

    The Facts About Psychosis Resolution and Questions

    The First Fact, is that humanity has always had non-ordinary, non-consensus perceptual or thought experiences. In fact around 60% of people have had such experiences at least once in their life (according to sited surveys in the book "Hearing Voices: A Common Human Experience" by John Watkins)...
  16. boudreauj4

    good books about mental illness or schizophrenia

    My favorite is Coping with Schizophrenia: A Guide for Patients, Families and Caregivers, by Steven Jones and Peter Hayward. I've read other books and felt nothing, but when I read this book I felt it was written just for me. I could relate to it so much and it was so compassionate and...
  17. P

    Are The Voices Taking Over???

    Sometimes I wonder if the voices take over my thoughts and mind i believe they do. I feel it i do. I mean i hear voices everyday mostly all day when do i have time to think .... I DONT. Any ideas on how to cope with them i have Schizophrenia i had it my whole life i have hallucinations as...
  18. Poopy Doll

    The Book of Job

    Ever read the Book of Job in the Bible ?? I never much cared for the story nor did it make any sense to me. Suddenly, the Book of Job is starting to mean something to me. To go through thirty years of endless mental health related torment and still have faith in the Consciousness that is...
  19. M

    My Book On Depression

    I have now created a book which is 62 pages long. It explains everything in regards to my worldview and it also explains new things in regards to my worldview. It is not a book I am selling. Rather, it is a book you can read anytime. I will give you the links: Book Cover: DeviantArt: 403...
  20. H

    Thinking of writing a book

    Hello! As the title suggests I am interested in writing a book, specifically a book designed to help others understand how their friends/family/workmates may be feeling when suffering from depression/anxiety, since that is an issue which I and others like me often face. I am well aware that it...