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body image

  1. J

    Somewhere between Bipolar 1 and 2

    Hi, I am new here. I registered to get and provide support for those dealing with similar issues such as mine. I have a history of depression/mood issues since childhood. Full blown manic episode 2013 - age 23. Diagnosed in 2016. 5+ years in recovery from drugs/alcohol. Extreme bouts of...
  2. S

    Sometimes I really don’t know who I am

    I am a 24 year old female. I’m a university student studying graphic design. I love music, photography, film, books, coffee, going to concerts and walking in nature. I am also gay, and am lucky enough to have supportive family and friends. I’m in a very happy relationship with my beautiful...
  3. S

    Always so anxious about my body

    I always feel SO anxious about my body no matter what I wear and no matter who I’m around. I am not overweight - in fact, I’m fairly slim and have a few curves here and there. I am not “skinny” though - just average, I guess. I am 5’6”, and I have broad shoulders and a larger chest which I hate...
  4. C

    Jealousy/Anxiety about other women

    I am having problems with being jealous about other women. I always compare myself to other women I think are beautiful and feel my man is going to think they are more beautiful then me or looking at them. It’s enough to drive me crazy. How Can I get over this? And it drives me crazy when...
  5. C

    Why now? What now?

    Hey guys, I have been strict to a meal plan and exercise plan because for 4 years they worked so well. I was motivated, energetic, fit, beautiful, high performing, happy, active, and honestly extremely lean and muscular. I ate 100% clean (100%. For 4 years. High high protein, high fat, low low...
  6. R

    What should I do?

    Hi- I'm confused, basically I'm just under weight but feel fat. I know with that weight (I've checked my bmi) I can't be fat fat but u feel skinny fat, with two lumps of lard for legs and a layer of squish all over me. Rationally, I know I shouldn't be thinking this, and I know I'm on a diet...
  7. B

    Do I have an eating disorder?

    I can't really figure out if I got an eating disorder. My case meets many criterias from other ED but My episodes of ED do not occur on a daily basis. I've noticed since I got 12-13 years old I had a major problem with food and my body. When I was a teen I would just hate my body so much that...
  8. MentemCor

    Relearning how and why I eat (growing up in a *dieting* household; looking for advice and help!)

    Relearning how and why I eat (growing up with a *dieting* parent; looking for advice and help!) Okay, maybe not a *dieting* parent, but ever since I was younger, I was always subjected to the medias image of women. Over time I learned that being fat and unhealthy makes you a bad and ugly...