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  1. C

    Bpd jealousy

    I feel like recently jealousy is eating me up, I hate my boyfriend doing anything without me, we have been together 5years. when he goes to work I will sit and cry, the thought of him being around other females at work drives me insane I find myself looking them up on social media every day and...
  2. S

    Missing all major life milestones

    I’m 33, female, single, and never been married. No kids. No house. No 4 year college degree. Most of the time I accept that my path is different. But some days it’s really hard to accept. You see your peers experiencing all of the major milestones in life one is “supposed” to have in this...
  3. G

    My girlfriend says she no longer has BPD - however I'm not so sure

    Hi there, I have been with my girlfriend for 4 months, and of late there have been a couple of occasions whereby we may have a little disagreement about something which I perceive as small, and she makes it much bigger than it really is. Often she may swing from being quite chirpy to low, and...
  4. L

    First Psychiatrist Appointment for BPD

    I have understood I have had borderline personality disorder for some time, I have gotten therapy twice, but never been diagnosed and have never had it help too much. I have gotten a referral to a psychiatrist, after I had an extreme breakdown including considering suicide, threatening suicide...
  5. M

    My BPD mum?

    Before I start I just want to say that my mum isn't a bad person. I don't really understand Borderline Personality Disorder but I am trying to. My mum suffers with it and I think she suffers quite severely. She has for a very long time, and I have had to look after her and help her in the bad...