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  1. M

    I have been suffering fear of blushin/erythrophobia for 18 years

    Hi... I ama 33 years old male and I have been suffering facial blushing / fear of blushing / fear of being noticed when I blush for 18 years. I have always been struggling this 18 years and I am tired... Really tired.... I have no life, no friends ( I am honest- I have ZERO friend ). I am not...
  2. R

    Not sure what's going on with me

    To begin...I work in mental health which sounds ridiculous as I've no idea what's going on with me. I was very shy when younger and always blushing but this got much better. It got worse again around 3 years ago after a relationship with an abusive partner. I now struggle with blushing a lot...
  3. E

    Blushing problem

    Hi I am 26 years old and I still suffer from blushing. I have been trying to live with this problem for several years , but I realized that I just can't live with it, this is becoming more and more exshusting, And this is affecting my social life and also my career. Do I need a psychological...
  4. S

    Can psychologist help me with face blushing and social phobia?

    Hello, I would like to get some advice from people who blush. I am 38 yrs old and my blushing is driving me crazy. I have been blushing in the past but lately is getting worse and worse. Certain questions about my my personal life make me blush, running into some people at the store makes me...
  5. Carmen87

    Excessive Blushing

    Hey, I am just wondering does anybody else blush excessively for no reason? I first started blushing excessively when i was 15 in 2002. I (for some reason) thought it was a normal thing growing up, until i realised it wasnt and that i was on my own. I will be 29 in April and its...
  6. voyager

    Trying so hard

    I thought the worst of my anxiety and depression had gone, don't get me wrong, I still struggled with my anxiety, but it was a happy anxiety! Again, I feel that my life is falling apart, everything is closing in and I can't cope. I just went into my works office and the scheduler actually...
  7. P


    Ok I'l try to keep this short. I'm 21 years old, when i was in the last year of highschool me and someone blushed in my group of friends and everyone laughed, it wasn't a big deal they wern't upset or anything but from then on a few of us started blushing all the time, its was just one of those...
  8. Brimble

    blushing & botox - a cautionary tale.

    Hi folks Part of my social anxiety has to do with blushing - it gets out of hand for me and I despair of the problem. So much so I read on the internet about a treatment using Botox injected into the cheeks to reduce facial redness and I went for the treatment. What a terrible mistake. The...