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  1. Prince Buster

    Taste of blood

    I have noticed the last few days when I wake up in the morning I have a faint taste of blood. A bit of research this morning suggests that this could be a side effect of antidepressants. Anybody else have this?
  2. A

    I think im turning in to a vampire

    You know in books and movies, where a vampire first gets turned, and they are ridiculously hungry but every time they eat real food they get sick, because what they really need is blood... well Ive been like that for a few days now. My stomach hurts it's so empty, but I feel sick trying to eat...
  3. T

    Intense fear of IDS ruining my life

    Instant death syndrome, that is. Several months ago I ended up being bed bound due to fatigue, heart palpitations and pains in the chest. I was barely conscious at times - dizzy and nausea. I literally thought I might die at any moment. I ended up having tons of tests done on my heart - a 24 hr...
  4. kathrina

    My future depends on this

    I had a blood test today requested by my doctor. It all depends on the outcome of this blood test about what will happen to me next. My doctor hinted, when I saw him, about anorexia. I don't know. Another thing that is wrong is because I have moved, I might have to move to another doctor...
  5. T

    Blood on their hands

    I've been on half the recommended dose of Olanazapine for five weeks now I feel mentally OK , but totally exausted as i've been busy and achieved more in the last five weeks than i have in 25 years When I remember the six years I spent in bed 24/7 on an injection - was I on twice the amount...
  6. R

    disturbing trends

    today i woke at 3-30. i watched the latest episode of true blood that i had recorded. as soon as it had finished i cut myself just to drink my blood. i am beginning to think i have vampire tendencies and need to know if anyone else feels like this. am i really ill or is it delusional, please...
  7. Q

    Diagnosed today, now what? Im scared x

    Hi I am 24 years old and have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder today. The dr gave me lithium but I havent to start it until I have been for a blood test and heart rate test, whatever that is? My dad is bipolar also and he says lithium makes u like a zombie? Im scared of taking it after that...
  8. shaun3210

    AD’s might be dropping my BP anything to worry about?

    I had a very high reading when the nurse at my Doctors checked it a few months ago 150/105, but when I got it checked by my GP it had dropped to 145/75 still a bit high. My sister bought me a monitor to keep an eye on it and at home, it tested around 145/75 and I have been checking it a couple...
  9. N

    bipolar and a newbie

    Hi all I have bipolarI i also self harm. its not a good thing to be admitting but i know im not the only one... i self harm by bruising and battering to the point of bone breaking ive broken both my wrists but i have a high pain barrier.. im on lithium and my current dosage is 1200mg.... ive...
  10. N

    Do you have a blood relative with schizophrenia?

    Do you have a blood relative with schizophrenia? Are you interested in taking part in an exciting psychological study? A team of researchers based at Nottingham Trent University in the United Kingdom need your help! We are looking for participants to complete a quick online survey about...
  11. T

    How many Meds have you tried

    I've tried all of them except Clozapine - as it can have a negative effect on white blood cells and i'm a leukemia survivor - dodgy !!
  12. R

    Can schizophrenics smoke weed? after seeing this picture:

    When you see this picture http://www.bcss.org/documents/pdf/CannibisandPsychosis.pdf wouldn’t you say that if your brain has been damaged by schizophrenia or psychosis, you shouldn’t smoke weed, or else your brain will run out of blood? Because marijuana and schizophrenia both restrict blood...
  13. A

    Please help me guys - I am a total wreck

    Hi guys I am a male from UK and have been suffering from this problem and hope that someone can help me with it. It all started when I had a protected sexual encounter with a person of unknown sexual status in 2007 October. After this incident I suffered for 1 whole year because of the fear...