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  1. E

    The physical symptoms of anxiety

    Anyone else get the tiredness, light headedness, weakness, shakiness and like a weird hyper/panicky feeling in their chest or feel like you have low blood sugar? I thought it was all getting better (and it has emotionally), but i'm left with these stinky physical symptoms that have appeared out...
  2. E

    ***May Trigger*** How do I get blood from my carpet

    So after a long while of staying away from the urge to self harm, I had an impulsive moment last night but my blood has dripped everywhere; now, I have to clean up and water and a cloth is not working. It sure is a messy way to get a nice feeling. Has anyone else here had this problem?
  3. F

    The nightmare of living with OCD

    The day the Brazilian racing driver Ayrton Senna died in a crash, I was stuck in the toilet of a Manchester swimming pool. The door was open, but my thoughts blocked the way out. It was May 1994. I was 22 and hungry. After swimming a few lengths of the pool, I had lifted myself from the water...
  4. skitzofrantik

    didny ken

    needing to vent shit not wanting replys if there of support then ever thankful, if not ctrl + w plz.. well starting to see shit at last and ken there needs to be some serious changes just how unsure, starting to let go again and just saying fuck em, even more so than usual, making me see i only...
  5. R

    Steroid induced psychosis

    Does anyone have any experience of or know anything about steroid induced psychosis. It's possible I experienced it some years ago, with deep depression and a conviction that I was dying and it has "possibly" caused ongoing issues since when I have been exposed to them when combined with...
  6. shaky

    A little wild, but I'm not worried yet

    A couple of days in a row I have been shaving wildly. Normally I have a wet shave and I do it methodically. But I have been pulling the razor over my face quickly, instead, and two days in a row I have cut myself doing so. Then yesterday, when I saw the blood, I actually burst out laughing...
  7. F

    New blood test for schizophrenia

    Currently the diagnosis of most mental illnesses is based on conversations and questionnaires. These could now be supported by a new low-cost blood test developed within the European research project SchizDX. This test evaluates the presence of certain proteins in blood samples of patients...
  8. RainbowHeartz

    Abnormal liver function

    Is what I have.... According to my recent blood test
  9. RainbowHeartz

    High prolactin levels

    My blood test shows high prolactin levels probably due to the risperidone, what does this mean?
  10. J

    Anxiety, I feel so unreal?

    Every morning is hell for me. I don't feel real at all, but I think there is something more too it than just depersonalization. For example, whenever I stand up I feel like I'm about to faint, whenever I stretch I feel like I will black out. I've had this for a year, I'm so scared I have a brain...
  11. RainbowHeartz

    blood test results

    Haven't come back normal, they didn't say what was wrong but have a gp appointment on Friday as something was high i don't know what, perhaps testerone levels as i have pcos Idk kinda scared
  12. S

    Shortness of Breath - Anxiety or High Blood Pressure?

    I have not been sleeping well at all, and combined with my anxiety issues (which have caused the sleep deprivation), I'm guessing these have to do with the random shortness of breaths I just experienced while lying down. However, I also have high blood pressure issues which I'm sure the lack of...
  13. anouska

    I can't believe this! - Blood Clots

    It's just one thing after another with me. I've been diagnosed with blood clots in my legs today : (. I have to have an ultra scan on chest to see if it's travelled to my lungs :cry:
  14. TiredTina

    In a bad place

    Im doing one of my rare posts on the forum as I am literally coming to the end of my tether. I dont know whats wrong with me but I truly need to sort myself out and fast. I apologise if Ive already posted about this but I cant remember so here goes. I have been feeling unwell since the...
  15. mrlaurel

    blood pressure ???????

    anyone suffer with high blood pressure? my new GP is very concered about mine as its high again and I'm on quite high meds... it was 179/111 yesterday. not sure what meds do what and if its stress etc. long hostory of heart attacks in family, lost an uncled aged 44 and aunt aged 52 from my...
  16. shaky

    Blood test

    Out of the blue I got a letter from my GP telling me to go for a blood test. I think it might be because I asked for a repeat prescription for my Risperidone and they want a blood test because of that. But the letter doesn't tell me the purpose of the test, so it's a little bit worrying. I...
  17. markh75

    on my mind (and its not Georgia!lol)

    Due to my recent health problems of late i'm waiting on an appointment. I'm due an appointment anytime soon, for a colostomy. These doctors have a way of playing things down, one says you have this problem, the next says you dont, but you have... Sometimes, i dispair! :( I was told by the...
  18. T


    I am not sure if this is the right place to post. I have had depression/anxiety on and off for 14 plus years had my baby in 2012 got severe PND with psychosis after he was born, have heard voices since-always nasty voices. I was put on quitepen (sp) when I spent 9 weeks in hospital (oct 2012)...
  19. flowergirl

    totally bricking it...

    well i really am scared. its stupid i know but i have to be honest or no one will be able to give me any advice. I know im on meds and im not majourly psychotic and in the house day to day im managing to get some things done i get up put clothes on wander about etc. im ok going out if its a...
  20. Living dead

    What is this called?

    So I think I have something like cardiovascular phobia if it even exists.I am not bothered by blood, wounds, etc., but I get queasy by looking at veins, especially mine and I dislike touching them.On every biology class about human cardiovascular system I got nauseous and felt really hot and my...