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  1. blacksmoke

    just need to rant

    so tough at the mo. i dont think anyone would quite believe me if i said all the stuff that is going on. rang Samaritans earlier and that was helpful. life is just so so crap for my family at the m0 0n s0 many levels. it doesnt help with the anxiety and depression levels. i have a cloud hanging...
  2. C

    **trigger warning - blood**

    Hi all, I have suffered with OCD for as long as I can remember now, but only really understood it a few years back when i was officially told that was what I had. I have a million and one different forms of OCD it seems, and just as one starts to ease.. in comes a new one like a bulldozer. My...
  3. P

    Meet singles in your area.

    Singles ads, creepy shit man. Makes me think about how i got here in the first place. They were single and then their bodies crafted me out of mortal blood and flesh, almost nothing has not been painful during my time here. Meet singles, yay, yeah fucking right man. Get them away from...
  4. N

    Eye Health - eye check up

    HI all, I read quite sometime ago, within MHF, via the Chill Out section I think it was, that there was a topic question, does one wear glasses, I was looking for this thread recently funnily enough, only I couldn't locate it. Now I do wear glasses, for close up work, and I happened to...
  5. H

    antipsychotics and blood disorder? please help!

    Hi I have posted a few times on here, but I have now been told I am suffering with psychosis which makes sense and I have really had a lot of help from my local mental health team. Tomorrow I am meeting with the doctor/psychiatrist and have been told I will be receiving antipsychotics which I am...
  6. Fairy Lucretia

    i think ive got cancer

    i went for a poop tonight and there was about a tea spoon of bright red blood in the toilet im really scared :cry:
  7. Fairy Lucretia

    my cat winston

    just did a poop in the litter tray and there was a tiny bit of blood in it ,what do you think this means? x
  8. Fairy Lucretia

    lithium blood tests

    i cant get to the surgery to have my blood test because my aunty cant go with me do you think they would do it at home? xx
  9. H

    blood results from A+E

    does anyone know if you can get them? i didnt ask at the time unfortunately. i have had a look on google but i cant find anything. will my gp have them, i spoke to a gp on the phone a few days after i went to a+e and they didnt have the results, but maybe they had not gone through yet if they do...
  10. C

    blood tests done

    So blood tests done. Let's see Wot occurs. Don't hold much hope but let's see
  11. C

    pissing blood?

    I'm no expert but don't think pissing blood is normal? Neither is having fits!
  12. B

    fitness and exercise

    Desided to get fit,well a bit fitter.I want to be able to ride a push iron fully loaded,panniers and stuff.My fitness level now from 1 to 10 is 2,bad that is.My BMI is 50 plus,blood preasure is fine,breathings fine so done a few very mild streching exercises.No doubt it's gonna be hard,but it's...
  13. E

    can certain foods/drinks affect blood pressure

    just curious if certain things can higher blood pressure like to much caffeine or sugar etc thanks
  14. Gajolene

    A blood test to diagnose depression and the effectiveness of CBT.....really?

    A blood test to diagnose depression and the effectiveness of CBT.....really? Found this story today here's the link Depression breakthrough: Researchers develop first blood test for diagnosis | CTV News
  15. J

    Prozac and blood tests

    Has anyone who takes Prozac also been made to have blood tests. Why do they do the test? Anyone know?
  16. Lincoln1990

    My ex and cancer

    My ex boyfriend who I still like and care about just told me he could have cancer. They're doing testing on his blood right now. I'm scared. He's scared of course.
  17. J

    The Extraction of My BLOOD against MY will

    November 7 1994. I lost all memory this day. Memories surfacing. Horrid terrorized traumatic example of abuse by psychiatric facility. I recall the Fear time as while highly psychotic folks feel this. The vampire nurse was quite insistant with her determination to steal MY blood. I was Equally...
  18. K

    Anxiety at its worst

    Hi everyone im a 23 year old female I suffered from anxiety before but had it under control these passed few weeks I've Been experiencing short breathed all the time excessive yawning to catch a breath lost of appetite and the list is endless I've not had a proper medical check but the paramedic...
  19. MoonPrincess

    Health scare and freaking out here... Am I being irrational?? Need assurance!

    Health scare and freaking out here... Am I being irrational?? Need assurance! Note: This might be a bit of a personal topic as I'm discussing aspects of sexual health, so mods feel free to edit this if it gets too much. When it comes to specific anxiety I can cope reasonably well however...
  20. C

    blood test results

    Hi i got a phone calll from my doctor saying my blood results are back and they said they cant tell me over the phone but to come in on Wednesday. if its serious would they make me wait a week or get in in asap