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  1. Not_Crazy_Yet

    Mind fog

    I'm feeling very strange today. I have been having intrusive thoughts and been getting synchronicities with the Tv. I cant think clearly. My voices are all over the place. When I do eat I feel nauseous. I've been having thoughts of SHing or harming other people. I saw my nurse today. She wasn't...
  2. P

    These forums still active? Here goes........ OCD? General Anxiety or just Messed Up inside? Freaky event!

    These forums still active? Here goes........ OCD? General Anxiety or just Messed Up inside? Freaky event! Hi all. I am not really sure what is wrong with me. All I know is that the last two months of my life have been pure pure hell. I keep finding some or other thing to stress about it seems...
  3. B


    Years back, I was put on Resperidal, first pills and then by injection. I became very sick, with a type of cancer called, polycethemia. It is an illness which causes the blood to thicken and clot. I suffered a clot in my brain and this is called, a stroke. Smoking cigarettes and drinking booze...
  4. A

    Hiv ocd creeping its way back.

    Hi everyone hope your all okay. So today my friend got into a fight and ended up injuring a man who was apparently homeless and on drugs. (Yes I know that is completely wrong and I live in a crappy neighbourhood where this happens a lot) anywho, she then got into my car and had blood on her, I...
  5. fazza

    Red blood test 12 months of taking clozapine.

    I am so disapointed that my latest blood test showed that my white count has dropped in to the red zone. I have to have another test tomorrow but so far they have taken me off clozapine. Clozapine has been a fantastic drug for me over the past 12 month. It has stopped the voices and made me...
  6. A

    Drop out

    So, I confessed to my DBT therapist today that I self-harmed on Sunday. It was a crap session. I wasn't willing to work with her. I told her I won't be seeing her next week. She said she'd keep my appointment open. I have my reasons. I can't commit to staying safe, and it would be...
  7. I

    Own Body Phobia?

    What is the name of the phobia that causes a person (as it causes me) to be too afraid to even look at, or uncover/undress? I've had this for around 48 years and no therapist has ever even scratched the surface of it - many were stunned that they'd never heard of it, until they met me. It...
  8. Funnyday

    Blood Glucose Levels

    If you're wondering why treatments tend to raise your blood glucose level. Its not by accident. The veil to other dimensions where psychic ability's dwell is thinner the lower your blood glucose level. In my experience it is. Anyone else who was monitoring their BG levels notice this?
  9. Funnyday

    Diabetes and drugs

    I have Diabetes. My blood glucose was under control while I was on Clopixol depot injections. I stopped attending CMHT and so receiving depot injections. About 18 months later I was hospitalised and put on paliperidone. After my release my blood glucose level became elevated. My GP tried several...
  10. G

    Out of nowhere i am going insane :X

    Friends i am having a horrible disorder that struck me in the last few months.I can't say what it is and i haven't spoken with anyone about it. First i want to point out that i had some episodes of delusions when i was a kid (12-13 years old) but they went away. I am a bit paranoid all the time...
  11. Beergardenweather

    Blood pressure always up when visiting doctors surgery

    Anyone else have the problem where your anxiety pushes your blood pressure up everytime you go to the doctors so that they always comment on it but you know it's not usually that high? When I sit waiting to be called I can actually feel it getting higher til I can hear my heart and feel the...
  12. A

    What are you taking? Depression.

    I am almost out of options. There are some new mood stabilisers around now and some used more in certain countries. What options do i have now? My current one i have been taking for three years at this amount and it is not helping my depressions anymore. I am also having problems with my blood...
  13. K

    i am not sure

    hi guys. i am a newbie here and this is my first post. im determining to sign up for this forum bc i sometimes feel like my burden is unbearable :cry2: my anxiety is related to health and death. im not sure whether this is a type of anxiety or what, but im still worried. does anyone have red...
  14. S

    My Experience, am I really ill?

    When i'm unwell or am I unwell. Well in an extreme state, sensitive, full of emotion and having my firmly held beliefs I seem to find myself in this reality but also in another reality. The way I see the world completely changes and to be honest I don't know if it's real or not looking back...
  15. S

    Fear of Getting Blood Drawn!

    I have finally had the nerve to schedule an appointment to get my blood drawn (which is for tomorrow) but I am horrified! :panic:I've had it done multiple times in the past, but each time I end up a crying mess and the last time I passed out. My fear isn't so much about needles as much as it is...
  16. N

    Results of Fasting Blood Test as of Friday 14th October

    HI everyone, The results of the fasting blood test have now returned, and I am pleased to report, that everything is normal. I'm not too sure what they were looking out for, maybe just to keep an eye on me, in regards to my father who is diabetic, 2, so they are keeping a close watch, I...
  17. T

    Reishi and Other Allies for Emotional and Spiritual Healing.

    Widely known as an immune modulator, this gorgeous mushroom is also a superb nervous system tonic, both soothing and restorative. Reishi’s calming effect is quite unusual and very difficult to describe, but it is recognizable and familiar. Taken on a regular basis, it promotes deep sleep...
  18. valleygirl


    Mood is going down, down, down. Not good. So, so sleepy all the time. Had blood tests, not anemic, blood sugar is fine, thyroid is fine. If I go on like this for the rest of the semester I will indeed fail my practicum. I see my psychiatrist on Tuesday. Not sure it will be very helpful...
  19. P

    Another torture victim.

    That is me. They are drugging me to death. They will not free me as long as i live. If i don't swallow these things the demons come and hurt me until i take them. Just between you and me i'd like to watch this entire fucking earth burn. My options go like this: Swallow and get sick and...
  20. S

    Question regarding blood sugar levels and Panic Attacks

    I recently began taking insulin for Type 2 Diabetes. I keep a chart of my blood sugar levels by testing twice a day, morning and night. Today, I have to leave my apartment with a person who makes me very nervous. I just found out last night. I've done nothing different from between that...