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  1. F

    Extreme anxiety/fear of blood, blood tests, iv's... [long, sorry :( ]

    Hello everyone, I'm sorry to bother you all with something that I'm sure you've heard a thousand times, but I've read a lot of webpages and some forum posts (here and elsewhere) and I was hoping making a post myself might help as it's more specific? If that makes sense! I'll try to condense this...
  2. Bizzarebitrary

    Hypodermic needles and catheters, I hate em.

    It begins with rapid breathing, then my palms start to sweat. I hear the sterile wrappers tear and I begin to squirm. The smell of the alcohol swab and the sensation of it cleaning the injection site on my skin causes my blood pressure to shoot up. A finger tapping on a vein followed by the...
  3. N

    Unwell Father

    Hi Folks, For some weeks, my fat her has been suffering with high blood pressure, then was fine, a bit, and whilst away, he couldn't enjoy the holiday, due to that, and not feeling right also. I have now been reassurred, that father who is always in med denial, has been agreeable been seen by...
  4. Funnyday

    Blood glucose level

    I've had blurry vision for about a week or two now. I went to the optician and she said that she can't give me an eye test if my Diabetes isn't under controll. So she said for me to get a fasting blood test at my doctors as soon as possible and then come back to her in a couple of weeks time. I...
  5. V

    I called labelled schizophrenic for....

    Complaining about discrepancies on my GP records....complained to the PHSO to be told they had done nothing wrong! Left me flooding with blood because I had a fibroid they refused to acknowledge...went to a tribunal of which I again got refused. To find there was no notes to say the Tribunal...
  6. S

    Self harm replacement

    I'm sorry but I have gone through many many suggested ways of replacing sh and there is nothing that is effective, because nothing feels or gives the feeling of release that self harming does, elastic bands, sucking lemons, having baths/showers to take time out, nothing gets through that need...
  7. A

    Need someone to relate to about chest aches and pains

    I've had this for around 4/5 years now I've had ecgs in the past and blood tests etc. Numerous times the doctor has listened to my heart and lungs and all is fine as well as my blood pressure. But still I get aches and pains in my chest, upper back and neck. I've had a sports massage and he said...
  8. A

    How do I manage my anxiety when I get my blood pressure taken?

    I get really nervous around girls so whenever I go to the doctors office usually a very attractive nurse girl takes my blood pressure, my blood pressure is always higher the more attractive the nurse. I don't have high blood pressure, when a male nurse or older female nurse takes my blood...
  9. Y

    Asking for my friend - fear of needles distressing her

    One of my best friends has a fear of needles, and she's needed a blood test for years. Every time she goes to get it done she panics, leaves, and goes home in tears. She had treatment for it three or four years ago which involved little clips that she was supposed to prick her fingers with, but...
  10. H

    I just can't cope no more with this

    I'm really struggling today, I've had anxiety and depression for 22 years now. Over the years the docotor as changed my antidepressants, In april of this year he changed me from citalopram to fluoxitine, I was only on fluoxitine for 4 weeks and he had to change me back to citalopram because of...
  11. A

    Non Antpychotic that doesnt' involve blood work

    Antipsychotics are considered quite strong and are often a sedative. Blood work typically equates to toxicity and has potential to overdose(lithium can kill you). Are there any non antipychotics that don't cause blood work?
  12. Foxjo

    Eating myself to death

    So ive been feeling unwell generally. I saw the doctor who check my blood pressure which was 130/90. He says i need to lose weight to help lower my blood pressure and reduce my risk of diabetes. I'm getting a blood test on Thursday to check for diabetes. Thing is i know im eating myself to...
  13. DoctorInternet2

    My Doctor

    I have recently started taking some Abilify medication, and I got on very badly with it. Last Friday I had a call from my GPs surgery to say the psychiatrist wanted me to have a blood test, and when I asked why she said it was to see if there was anything that could be attributed to my low...
  14. Y

    Am I the only one who actually does something embarrassing, every time?

    Am I the only one who actually does something embarrassing, every time? I went to the hospital yesterday to see the gastroenterologist, and the hospital is a very busy, crowded place that gives me dozens of negative thoughts before I even get out of the atrium. I went with my mother, as I go...
  15. S

    Control of the main veins eliminates.

    Do not control the central nervous system. You should look for the main veins and control the speed of blood flow because this will calm down the disorders a lot.
  16. C

    Afraid of test results!!!

    HELP!!!! First of all, let me start by telling you I am scared to DEATH of going to the doctors for fear of what I might hear! But I went to the doctor with a bladder infection. after a urine test she confirmed a bladder infection and gave me an antibiotic (5 days) and told me to bring in...
  17. S

    No more pills or hospitalizations

    Hello. I am often brought to the hospital by police. I find this very angering and degrading. I was even severely beaten by police officers and made to carry out a sentence of court diversion and my family thinks I assaulted an officer and even expressed it vocally to me. Also I made an...
  18. C

    Retired female

    Hi, I am new to this forum. I was wondering if anyone else on here is afraid to go to the doctors for fear of what they will hear. I go to the doctors once a year to have blood work done for my high blood pressure and cholesterol medicine. If, during that visit, the doctor happens to mention...
  19. L

    Is this just my OCD taking a new form?

    I have had anxiety 5 years now due to PTSD after i was attacked by my brother. I had a panic attack during a blood test about 2 years ago and that led to me fearing tests as I feared I had developed a phobia of blood or blood tests and I panicked I would faint as I knew you could have with blood...
  20. C

    Health aniexty

    Hi I'm new to this forum, I'm 25 years old female and have suffered with aniexty for years. It gets worse and then better but at the moment it's really bad!! I fear I have a serious illness and at the minute I fear of a brain tumour. My head feels like it's in a washing machine and I'm not with...