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  1. F

    Interview Struggles

    Hi there, Does anyone else struggle with interviews? I had two this week, both unsuccessful but it has sent me spiralling downwards again. Both were assessment days, which I have never done before and were vicious! I'm not very good at pushing myself forward and shouting others down. I was...
  2. U

    thought someone is going to kill you

    who else has this problem? I get it some days when im most vulnerable like in bed I freeze and am scared to look over the blanket, im so sure hes going to kill me but then later im back to normal and think how silly it is so think something like that but at the time it happens it feels like...
  3. S

    Does my mother have a BPD problem? Nice sometimes, abusive others - stupid arguments

    Does my mother have a BPD problem? Nice sometimes, abusive others - stupid arguments Hi, First let me begin by explaining the situation. I am 31 years old, male, and grew up with both of my parents with constant arguments. They argue with each other frequently and don't get on that well...
  4. C

    Coping With Flashbacks

    Ideas for coping with flashbacks Tell yourself you are having a flashback and that it is ok and very normal in people who were traumatised as children (or as adults). Remind yourself that the worst is over – it happened in the past, but it is not happening now. The “child” inside you who...
  5. Emlyn


    hi everyone, i hope everyone is feeling well [as well as you can be]. i am emlyn,i am transgender FtM. i am severely autistic amonsgt other issues and have severe pyschotic depression. i live in a specialist care home and get two to one support,im at the stage now where i am facing a section in...
  6. W

    Getting worse again

    Hi all, I'm back :-/ So I've been on Sertraline about 2 months now; on the whole it's working. Still not sleeping with it, still got night sweats. Been back at work about 3 weeks now and that's been going well for me. But the last few days I've felt myself on a downward spiral again. My brain's...
  7. J

    Whirling Mind

    just got home from work I should go for a walk but I am tired I should really get working on baby blanket for my new nephew I need to do dishes and clean flat but I don't feel like doing anything maybe I'll read I really need to clean and do laundry because I fly out to see my family on Sunday...
  8. C

    What do you do when you're too restless to sleep?

    Hi all, It's past 3am and I'm still showing no signs of sleepiness. I'm so tired - absolutely exhausted, both emotionally and physically - and yet I can't switch off. I laid in bed listening to ambient music for about three hours, but eventually decided to get back out. I'm alternating...
  9. bert tomato

    Want my brain back

    I am stuffed up in a small corner. People having a party in here, and I am shoved up in the corner with a blanket and a cup of tea. :confused:
  10. A

    Wasp noise

    I hear Voices sometimes, but lately I'm being bothered by a wasp noise, like there's a wasp in my room. I only hear it at night, now and then. I usually turn on my light and look for it, or just put my blanket over my head and try to sleep. Does anyone else experience things like this? Does it...
  11. A

    For those that promote blanket Drugging

    It's all a lot better than having emotions though...
  12. D

    Total crap day

    Hey what a crap day....had to meet up with my husband to sort out about what agents and price to sell our house and it turned into a horrible nasty experience. Some of the things he said were so cruel and hurtful and he intimated that our marriage had been the worse time of his life. he seems...