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  1. M

    How to get my life back?

    I'm in probably the worst state I've ever been in. I graduated high school kinda recently. Ever since then my anxiety has worsened. I'm at the point where I don't really leave the house. When I do go out, it's a process of trying to "look presentable". Only to lead me feeling gross and...
  2. A

    (Metaphorically) naming my demons: alternatively "Who Am I?"

    my first time posting in a forum in all my years of internet use. wow. for as long as i can remember, the only thing that has been constant in my life is that my personality will change. recently i've given them descriptors but it's not like DID where it's a different person. it's still me...
  3. L

    I probably need help... :/

    ...But I don't really want it. But I should talk anyway. I'd regret not trying it, right? Oh, I should probably put a trigger warning. Suicidal thoughts and whatnot. :| Umm, yeah, I'm sorry... this is only like, the third or fourth time I've ever posted here and I didn't join planning to just...
  4. S

    I don't understand whats wrong

    Hi, So I suffer with anxiety and depression but recently there has been more to it that I don't understand, It's really, really effecting my relationship too. I am quite a jealous and sensitive person and always have been, but lately, I can be told something and the reaction I want to give...
  5. S

    Trouble with doctors/psychiatrist

    I've been seeing the early intervention team since around august and that involves psychiatrist, psychologist blah blah blah. I'm not officially diagnosed with anything but I'm taking 15mg Olanzapine for what I presumed was a manic episode. But since I've not been diagnosed with anything I feel...
  6. F

    I'm so happy

    Everyone! Hello :clap: I was sitting here just now thinking... :BLAH: And thinking... :BLAH: And... thinking :BLAH:... Uh??? :scratch: Wait a minute :doh2:! I said. Stop wasting time I said! And I started rolling all over the ground :rofl: I rolled and rolled :rofl::rofl::rofl:, till I...
  7. exyz


    Anyone else struggle with this? I have found myself worse over the last few days, I keep having to edit posts on here over and over ..and in real life I am finding that I can't access words. More so than usual... things like...I have been talking about " Gavin" and my son said who the hell...
  8. Zardos

    Bad Hair Day

    I wanted a crew cut.. she gave me a short back and sides.. now i look like Sheena Easton :scared: I had one thing to do today and i fucked it up :BLAH:
  9. greebobeebo

    Lost my son

    I have spent the last 2 years trying to get back to being a proper mum. Unfortunately due to lack of help it hasn't happened. I voluntarily accepted my son needed to be in foster care. He has been gone for just under 2 weeks. Is it odd that I don't miss him? Nothing has changed for me, if...
  10. Lucky Tia

    Hi everyone!~

    I'm Tia, a 20 year old studying Architecture. :) I joined since I can't find much to do now that the long semester is finally over...:BLAH: I've been depressed for the past 5 years.
  11. S


    I need to vent and don't know where I should put it, but I deal with bpd, and its related, so here it is. I lost my temper and went on a good tear, twice today. First time was about noon, at work. I'm self employed, installing floors. I've been frustrated with this job for 2 weeks now, its 30...
  12. L

    Plz help me

    Hello. THough not however acustomed to be doing this, i herein find myself at a crossroad betwixt reality and whatnot ever else there may be...sigh... Ever constant the voice, that which id begotten the night afore the morning of... I like to play games, with things...for two years, id go...
  13. K

    I had a question..

    During your voice hearing experiences, has any of them told you to come out and fight? Constantly getting angry & talking shit, telling you to come outside & blah blah blah.. than you continue to go outside, in n out, in n out, walking down the street telling them to meet you there. When you...
  14. K

    From every Angle..

    I've been trying to understand more about this from every angle. It just makes me so damn angry though. Why would voices go out of there way to help me understand that mental telepathy is real & that i should filter what i should say in my head, or help me gain an understanding of how to be...
  15. S

    Facing homelessness Again

    Lost my job in England, my home almost became homeless. Moved to wales to stay temp with relatives, may end up getting kicked out. :BLAH: Stayed with my brother on a temp basis. The only reason he did not let me become homeless was because what the rest of the family would have said. His wife...
  16. Shadow-one

    Feeling FRANTIC

    I don't actually expect anything here - I'm actually really just writing this to save my husband from me having another emotional breakdown. He deserves to enjoy Friday night at least right???h I NEED to vent so maybe nobody will read this or maybe someone like you will & either way I have it...
  17. Poopy Doll

    I'm hurting myself

    You don't sound 14. Anyway, you don't self harm because of a girl. You don't get her to stop smoking by hurting yourself and letting her see it. There's no logic in what you are doing.
  18. S

    I am nothing.

    So got into a heated argument with the ex last night because I told him I feel kinda used by him. Which isnt a lie. I distance myself as much as I can but I still love him and I do give in. Anyway. It ended when he said nothing in our house is mine (which isnt true) He has worked for every thing...
  19. D

    I call them Space Elves!

    Hello all, I am 33 years old male from Iran, and I'd like to share my experience, sorry for the grammar, English is not my first language, but I do my best! :scratch: I have had voices for about 4+ years, crystal-clear, 24/7, indoor, outdoor, at party, when normal, when drunk, when high, when...
  20. D

    Sporadic thought

    So today I just slumped into being depressed.. I have a goal right now that could take this feeling away and ik it's doing more and investing myself into something.. I thought about how boring my life is, how there's no excitement , my highlight of every day is being able to really relax and...