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  1. Midnight.Panda

    Peter Pan Syndrome/Emotionally still like a kid

    Peter pan syndrome is basically when you can't grow up (hence the name). I read about it here. I feel like I might have it.. I am 20-years-old and I feel like I am still so childish compared to everyone else around my age. So much so that my friends and family have called me out on it. I am...
  2. DavidJames

    Untreatable but beating it

    I've had Schizophrenia since 2007. No meds have ever worked and my own research suggest to me that I may have the treatment resistant sort of Schizophrenia. I work now with meditation, talking therapies, WRAP (wellness and recovery action plan) and planned communication with my voices. My...
  3. calabi-yau

    feeling lost

    i can't really go into details because it would be too stressful, but it mainly comes down to feeling like i'm being preyed on because of my vulnerability. i'm going for long walks and bike rides to help. seeing nature and meeting people on the trails helps lift my spirit. i'm on 800mg of...
  4. B

    Social Anxiety

    am really struggling at the moment. Quit the third job in as many months due to it. Anxious thought dominates probably 70-80% of my mental processing capacity at work. when the pressures on, more like 90%, makes me come across like an absolute idiot. I looked like such a numpty at my latest job...
  5. bert tomato

    Feeling Bitter

    I have great feelings of bitterness. I feel in my life, I have been a mug, always overlooked, people laugh at me etc. Makes me feel full of bitterness.