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  1. J

    Birthday .... mixed blessings.

    Today is my birthday . I have spent every birthday, Xmas and new year on my own fur over 20 years . Not because I had to because there were no people in my life. It was something have to do to cope . I have already had suicidal thoughts today and feel on the brink of crisis . Yet this...
  2. B

    Happy birthday to myself

    It was my birthday and I was so depressed that I didn't know what to do other than write. So here it is. She laid awake at night, listening to the breath of the house – it was a slow creak, a whistle of a wind trapped between the ceiling and the roof, a quiet whisper against the wintry night...
  3. I

    Father of adult BPD son needs help

    My son is 33 years old and was diagnosed with BPD about 5 years ago. He pegs the meter on all the symptoms. He's functional with a good job but has had bad relationship problems over the years. His girlfriend just dumped him which triggered him to get drunk and threaten suicide. He's been in...
  4. G

    WHat I hate about the holidays

    First some positives. I love my family and luckily there isn't much drama. However, I hate winter, snow, and early sunsets. I hate how holiday music starts three months early. I didn't know Christmas was in October now. Media has bunched all the holidays together. Black friday and...
  5. Poopy Doll

    About my Sister, again

    I guess I really am bipolar because I can't sleep since my sister was totally condescending to me because I refused to take sides in an ongoing argument she has with my son. She seeks to punish me for what my son said to her. I am continuing to defend myself in my mind. My birthday is Saturday...
  6. A

    Are these feelings a common part of growing up?

    A curious, disturbung sense of a profound loss that triggers rage, deep grief and even suicidal thoughts was a "gift" I first received on my sixth birthday while laying in my bed with tears in my eyes. Ever since that day, every single birthday keeps making those feelings much deeper and much...
  7. L

    Making plans

    I'm going back to mine on the train today, staying at mine until Thursday and then coming back down to my mums on Thursday for her Birthday weekend so how do I stay safe from today until Thursday? I wouldnt want the date that I ended my own life to be on my mums Birthday/just before.
  8. antimatterTek

    Weepy at tv and movies

    The reason I am here is to deal with my emotions when watching tv and movies with my wife. She want's me to go to grief counseling, but I have been to therapists before and I don't think they can help me with this. I have a lot of family issues and such. I lost my mom when I was 4 and my dad...
  9. S

    would anyone like someone to talk to today?

    hi, its good friday and my birthday in three days time, i'd be 9 and a half if leap years are to be granted. i'd really like a friend to talk to right now, cause i really don't have any! anyone up for a friendly chat - and hopefully not about mental illness, please reply to this post! Shane.:dance:
  10. W

    Feels like I'm counting down

    I started feeling down when I was 14. I was always a shy, nervous child but I had never experienced such a low mood before. I had experienced a lot of physical issues at the time of drastic weight loss, tiredness, tremors etc... I had deficiencies in my blood and no further notice was given to...
  11. J

    Yesterday was my birthday, and I thought I about killing myself

    I'm new to these forums. I just needed an outlet to express my feelings where I might find understanding without the judgment. My life has been difficult lately. Our home flooded and my husband and I are in the middle of rebuilding. The stress of that process has gotten to me. On top of that...
  12. Poopy Doll

    Today is my birthday

    Today is my birthday. I am 61 years old. I was trying to think of something fun to do for my birthday. The art museums have terrible exhibits right now. It's too hot to go for a walk on the fishing pier. It's too hot to go for a picnic at the park. It's terribly strange to be 61. My spiritual...
  13. I

    How am I supposed to walk out of it?

    I came from a broken family, I was a victim of child/sexual abuse. My ex GF was from a broken family too - her mom migrated to another country to live with her boyfriend, her dad was always outstation/overseas with his girlfriend, her brother doesn't go home often. We are closeted gay people but...
  14. Fairy Lucretia

    mummy/PIP assessment

    i know im not going to get PIP ,i will have to give maddie up there is so much going on now i can't bear it unless something dramatically changes between now and my mums birthday im going to kill myself and be with her she will take care of me like she used to if i died everything would be okay x
  15. P

    New Hallucination (Remi)

    Ok Everyone, So i recently got out of the mental ward. I had another schizophrenic episode. I don't remember them to well i know from what staff and family tell me or record... So before i went into the Ward i seen this boy with a birthday hat on , i know your probably thinking "what" well its...
  16. S

    Anticipatory Anxiety - the build up to 'an event'

    Hi guys. My first post here. Really would love to hear you guys stories If you're like me. Basically, for many years now (I am 24) I have always had a sense of impending angst about me If something is coming up. It can range from anything like a job interview (which I feel is common and...
  17. S

    Being Portrayed as the Monster

    Well, as with many stories here, this one is about a former relationship. It wasn't a very long one, 4 months and 10 days. In the beginning, I almost didn't start it because I was noticing one thing. She made me feel as if I didn't exist at all at times. Basically, she was very inconsiderate...
  18. B

    Feeling used

    Probably doesn't seem that important but it's been bugging me for a while now. I feel so used by my friends and even my own family. I'm constantly being asked to do things like giving friends lifts here and there, doesn't seem a lot but my fuel tank notices it. If i say no for any reason i get...
  19. W

    Friendship- try or not

    Hey everyone! Thanks for reading im a newbie here!!! Well I simply want a bit of advice really... I met a girl in hospital in 2014 whilst i was after having my lil girl. We became quite good friends... She also sufferd bpd. She seemed to cope well and had never been medicated before about...
  20. ShiroVivi

    Having a bad day...

    It's my birthday, so it should be a happy day for me right? But instead, my plans got kinda ruined, my "best friend" is straight up ignoring me, and my depression is starting to get out of control. I'm starting to feel like I can't have even 1 good day, even if that day is my birthday. This is...