1. C

    "Today is the Day I Change" - A journal.

    I've done a "journal thread" here before, in 2016, under another account the name and password of which I can't remember. It went very well, and all the support I got from the community really helped. I'm going through another period of change right now, so I'd like to try it again. For the...
  2. S

    Can bipolar symptoms be physical as well as mental?

    And if so... how common is that and if you are bipolar what physical symptoms do you experience. I think i could have bipolar but i'm not sure. Since i was around 14 i started suffering from health issues like fatigue, pale skin, cold hands and feet, bad skin, red washed out looking skin.. etc...
  3. G

    Thoughts on Depression

    How do you come out of it when every ounce of your soul has evaporated, leaving total emptiness where there was once life? How do you summon the strength when your thoughts portray only weakness and you won't even put up your guard when you see the punch coming? Waking is misery. Even trying to...
  4. J

    School and bipolar

    Has anyone got and advice i can pass on to the school to help my daughter
  5. MissesGange

    Does anyone else have this?

    Hello everyone, I have been diagnosed with Bipolar with psychotic features. I am legally disabled I suppose and cannot work full time because of this. My main question is, do any of you with anxiety or bipolar or any other mental health problem struggle with loud sounds, lights or textures? And...
  6. L

    Hi. Such difficulty in getting a diagnosis.

    Hiya. I'm very frustrated in my inability to speak to someone who can actually diagnose me. I'm sure I've had an underlying mental health condition for over a decade that hasn't been diagnosed, and I've tried to pretend it's imagined or that I can deal with it. I can't any longer. Underneath...
  7. K

    To Tell or Not to Tell

    I work in an office were everyone is cool and seems down to earth. Their like family. I had to take months off because of my illness more than once. My coworkers thinks I'm funny and eccentric on my manic days. On the low days they ask questions. 'Are you ok ?, your so quiet?. I feel like...
  8. L

    Can't understand my "hypomania"

    Hello everyone, I recently got diagnosed with hypomania over the Summer and have been taking Lamotrigine 100 mg for two and a half months now. I like the way its been stabilizing my moods and the difference its made. However, I really can't seem to understand or differentiate what is a hypomania...
  9. L

    My 17 year old daughter doesn’t love me.

    Hi there, I’m desperately in need for someone to tell me if they’re experiencing something similar. I’ve been diagnosed bipolar for 20 years. I have a 17 year old girl. Her father was extremely abusive to me for so many years but I was so scared of him taking my daughter away from me because of...
  10. C

    BiPolar Relationship Help. Please.

    I've been with my partner now for about 8 months, she is diagnosed with type 1 Bi-Polar and is really struggling with it. I am currently serving in the Royal Navy and spend as you would imagine quite a lot of time away only seeing her on weekends as we live in different places. I love her...
  11. S

    Does this sound like Bipolar?

    First of all i'm not expecting anyone to diagnose me nor am i trying to self-diagnose myself. I am going to go to talk to someone professionally about my mental health soon but for now i just wanted to ask this question to get an idea of where my mental health could lie. I'm 22 years old and...
  12. S

    newly sober husband just now realizing the intensity of my bipolar

    hey all my husband just got sober and has been sober for 9 months. (YAY) We just had a conversation about my bipolar and he basically said he's just now beginning to notice the severity of my situation and he suddenly feels confused a bit, and not knowing how to relate to me in my various...
  13. K

    hard time accepting

    hi - i am new to this forum, but i figure it's worth a shot. i'm 30 years old diagnosed bipolar 1 and clean from drugs/alcohol for 6 years. i've been on meds (lamictal, seroquel, abilify) for years and they definitely have worked. i have had really severe manic episodes but recently everything...
  14. A

    Environmental stress caused my psychosis

    Environmental stress caused my 3 boughts with psychosis. My last one was over 5 years ago. Right now my parents are getting divorced very recently, I am trying to get a placement at my college to complete 400 hours for my diploma, I have an interview for placement this coming tuesday, taking...
  15. garbageg4

    How do you control your thoughts

    All I constantly can think about is not wanting to be here anymore and sex. I know there is more out there. I am bipolar I think I have a bit of hypersexual episodes as well. What do I do?
  16. B

    Has my dad been abusing me? Abuse trigger warning

    Hi all, This is hard for me to type as I feel a slight betrayal on my part, but it's genuinely how I feel and it's a tricky subject to put into words. I'd appreciate your time to read and give me your input. My close family consisted of my mum and dad and brother and I. My mum left us when I...
  17. A

    I have a diagnoses of Schizoaffective disorder bipolar type

    I was recently diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder bipolar type but I feel like I just have the bipolar disorder because I don't here voices or have any kind of hallucinations or anything. What does this really mean?
  18. D

    SSRIs and Bipolar

    As some of you may know, I've posted in this forum every now and again because my brother has been going through a lot this past 12 months with his issues. Currently, my brother as very obsessive and worried about his medication. He's read a few articles and studies online that if you're...
  19. D

    Starting Zyprexa Tonight

    So tonight my brother has decided to start Olanzapine (generic for Zyprexa). So he'll be on 25 mg of Paroxetine, 100 mg of Lamotrigine, and 2.5 mg of Olanzapine. Are there any suggestions or anecdotes anyone can offer before he gets on it?
  20. O

    Has anyone tried electroshock therapy?

    I am considering getting electroconvulsive therapy (ECT). Is it effective, and how was recovery for you? Did it change you in some way? I mean to ask if it changes your personality and functioning. Are the changes permanent? I don't want to go back on meds because of the side effects and...