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  1. B

    Am I Depressed?

    Hi, I am bipolar and have Aspergers so although I feel I should know by now whats going on with me, I dont. Any opinions would be helpful. I have just been out of the country for two weeks for a family wedding (my partners sister) and most of the people I met was for the first time so I was...
  2. frisas45

    My mother and I suffer from schizophrenia and things are getting better. But I am exhausted to move on.

    I suffer from bipolar disorder and paranoid schizophrenia. I get occasional bursts of anger and panic attacks. Thankfully, with the right treatment, my anger is reduced but I am still paralyzed in fear. My mother is suffering from delusional disorder. She refused to take pills that the doctor...
  3. T

    Self harm urges

    I was diagnosed bipolar II as an adolescent and have been attending therapy/psychiatry on and off since around age 7. I'm fairly easy to provoke based on my mental state (obviously?) But for some reason when Im provoked and just mentally exhausted from a long day I get violently overwhelming...
  4. C

    Bipolar symptoms not so clear

    I have had diagnosis from Bipolar 2 to MDD/PTSD/GAD. Tried a ton of anti-depressants which usually leave me on the side of some sort of hypo-mania like symptoms. The thing is that, I only have those symptoms when I am on an anti-depressant. My mood is kind of erratic while not on meds but its...
  5. M

    Order of Highs and Lows

    Hey guys, Just curious, do you usually have a high that's follow by a low, or a low and then followed by a high? I read that most people have highs (manic) and then a crash after (depression), but it seems I usually have a low period and then boost out of it. And also, does your highs usually...
  6. Lostinthestatic

    Any ways to prevent misdiagnosis, as a patient?

    I had an intake appointment today and as I described my symptoms to my therapist, she brought out a bipolar assessment sheet. After I finished filling it out, I told her that my mom and sister both were diagnosed with bipolar, but that I didn’t think I had it. Obviously I don’t really know...
  7. B


    Hi I am diagnosed with ASD, Bipolar and BPD. I'm currently doing a decent job of keeping my life together but I'm suffering from flashbacks and vivid dreams. A few years a go I cheated on my partner, he was my first love and I was out of my mind on zoloft and had just been released from hospital...
  8. J

    My Jewish Manic Episode

    Dear friends, For years after my manic episode, I couldn’t write or talk about it. But I finally got up the gumption and published a short piece about it in a national magazine. It came out this week. I won’t lie - coming out has been scary - but I’ve done it bit by bit and reclaimed my...
  9. S

    If you had bipolar but you were un-diagnosed, how would antidepressants affect you?

    As the title says, if you went on antidepressants as an undiagnosed bipolar how would they affect you?

    Anyone has interview anxiety?

    I built good attitude of work such as self-motivated, cheerful, leadership, enthusiasm, energetic when I am in good mood. But I am down, I just cant performance well. I have an interview tomorrow I feel nervous. I think I have no strength instead having multiple negative traits. But I need...

    Hi. I'm new here!

    I am a member here because I wanna make friends that can understand what my feeling is. I know there are many people in this world can listen to me, but I feel like they dont really know what is my struggle now. Here, I hope that I can find ppl who is bipolar and willing to make friends with me.
  12. D

    I wish I knew how to help her..

    Hi, My name is Sean, and my girlfriend of 15 years has bipolar disorder, she also hearing things and seeing things, too. I'm not sure what the official diagnosis is, sorry. She was violent and unpredicable when she wasnt on her meds. But she's come a long way. Despite a messed up...
  13. A

    Anger issues

    so i have rapid cycling bipolar disorder, ocd, anxiety, depression, and schizophrenia. i’ve been hospitalized before and i’m on medication. but recently. i’ve been very angry. all the time. and so they took me off my antidepressant. and now it’s worse and i’m having really intrusive thoughts and...
  14. N

    I'm losing my wife and kids! HELP!

    I have been married for 4 and a half years. I adopted my wife's two boys. I lied on the initial date about my life, my history, etc. I continued to lie throughout our marriage of telling "tall tales". I'm EXTREMELY jealous of her history to where I can't even deal with with herreminiscing around...
  15. P

    New bipo in town

    I've been diagnosed only months ago with bipolar affective disorder. I am on meds and am taking them regularly. I dont feel much of a change in my behaviour as of late. I did notice that I am a bit calmer now. What are you're experiences with your disorders? I could use an outside perspective.
  16. P

    Hello, new guy here

    I never know what to write on these things, guess I should introduce myself. I am a 25 year old PhD researcher at the university of Huddersfield. I work out 3-5 times a week and I like to play video games when I have the time. I was diagnosed recently with bipolar affective disorder, so that...
  17. S

    Free Mental health peer mentoring program

    Hi I’m looking to add value to the mental health community because I am a part of it as I suffer from bipolar 1 disorder. After 8 years of being hospitalized weeks at a time, I am now starting a project and looking for people who are interested in taking their life to the next level by joining...
  18. whiteflags330

    Cold Turkey

    I had to go cold turkey from my meds because my doctor won't fill my scripts until I see psychiatrist and I've been having self harming and other bad thoughts. I have grounding techniques and usually too tired to do anything, but it's constantly on my mind since I stopped my meds and alcohol...
  19. P_Rose

    Trying to handle decision-making

    I haven't been officially diagnosed, but my psychiatrist thinks I might be bipolar after dealing with mood cycling and two acute psychotic/manic episodes last year. I'm on lamotrigine and it's done a lot to stabilize my moods, but I'm still having a fair amount of fluctuation from one day to the...
  20. P_Rose

    Can psychotic symptoms fade away?

    Hi there, I had a couple of psychotic breaks one month apart early last year, where I felt that people could read my thoughts and that people in my life were trying to stalk me, hurt me, and abandon me. I felt completely detached from reality and was also experiencing appetite changes, extreme...