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bipolar anxiety

  1. P

    Seeing my gp

    So I think I might be at the start of another episode and I've got an appointment with my gp for it but I'm worried about how honest to be with them. It's a gp I haven't seen before and I know that shouldn't make a difference but somehow it does. I have a thing about not wanting to take...
  2. S

    Free Mental health peer mentoring program

    Hi I’m looking to add value to the mental health community because I am a part of it as I suffer from bipolar 1 disorder. After 8 years of being hospitalized weeks at a time, I am now starting a project and looking for people who are interested in taking their life to the next level by joining...
  3. spoon-racoon

    having a rough time

    Even since coming down from the stress of school, I've been struggling a lot. This past couple days I've been lashing out at people, which I hate but it's so hard to control when I've been irritated by even the smallest things. My meds aren't working the way they should be and I don't have a...
  4. T

    bipolar mother-in-law... I feel so lonely, please help

    Hello everyone. I hope this is the right section to post this. At first I thought about posting in the bipolar section but it seems to be more for people who have the disorder themselves, so I thought this would be more appropriate. I am not the one who has mental health issues right now; my...
  5. W

    Husband with work related depression - I'm tired

    My husband is wonderful. He's a kind, smart, able person with a good heart. We've been together 20 years and have two young kids. We are best friends. He has struggled with severe depression ever since I've known him, but it is always completely revolved around work. He has changed...
  6. A

    Symptoms of Cyclothymia or Bipolar?

    Hello, I am new here and I'm looking for some advice. I am a 28 yr old female, and I have had anxiety for some time now..well over 10 years. Back in highschool i went to a psychiatrist who, very quickly, asked me some questions and prescribed me Klonopin and another medication for depression. I...
  7. L

    Intense anger and tears, brain's gonna explode! what is this?

    Ok first of all I was diagnosed with anxiety disorder but i was cured, has taken medication for 1yr and 4months. Now, without meds, i was okay. But now i easily get angry for small reasons, i even cry bcoz i feel so mad that i feel my head will explode, i want to scream, i hate myself, i want to...
  8. B

    I can't sleep! I can't switch off

    Hi, I'm currently not on medication, suppose to start lithium on Friday. I'm taking 5mg of zolpidem for sleep. But they do not work. I'm a single parent. My daughter has been back at school 3 weeks and so far has been late 4 times!! I can't switch off to get to sleep! Once I'm asleep I'm OK...
  9. X

    Bipolar & Depression

    im Chloe.. im 21 and i have been suffering with severe depression since 15 from being bullied in school, over last year and a half to then have to deal with being told i have bipolar... im just looking for people who will completely understand! :shrug: i mean my family try the ultimate best to...
  10. K

    Loanzapine - What is your experiences of this Medication?

    Hello Everyone, hope you are all doing well!! I have been doing some research on Olanzapine (peoples experiences with the medication) and can't find much info on it. Last week I was diagnosed with Bipolar 1 and have been put on 10mg of Olanzapine. Am I right in saying that Olanzapine...
  11. B

    New here..

    Hi everyone i'm new on this site, just thought i'd introduce myself.. I have suffered mental health problems since I was 15 years old, and now at 22 I consider myself recovered :eek2: It's been a HARD time these past few years but I managed to get myself sorted and would like to help others...
  12. J

    Do I have Bipolar?

    Hi there, I was diagnosed with OCD and depression two years ago of which I was treated and my OCD is now mild. However, my depression never fully went but eased off and I got a new job and felt really good about myself and my life and decided to stop taking the medication. Shortly after...
  13. M

    Feel like I'm climbing an endless mountain... fighting a fight I can't win.

    Feel like I'm climbing an endless mountain... fighting a fight I can't win. I can't take it anymore. For 18 years (my age), I feel like I've wasted my life having to constantly deal with my problems. I should probobly list them. Bipolar, anxiety, social anxiety, depression, body dismorphic...