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bipolar 2

  1. W

    Complex story: Personality change after stopping mood stabilizer?

    Has anyone else experienced a significant personality change tied to a medication withdrawal? I took Lithium ER for 20 years to manage bipolar 2. Prior to that I was depressed as a young boy. I was diagnosed later in life in my late teens. Lithium kept me sleeping for the most part but I was...
  2. libbycrossings

    curious about other people's experiences with lamictal?

    i have bipolar 2 and i started taking lamictal about 5 months ago and i feel like i just feel worse but i do notice i have less hypomanic episodes according to my family but personally i would take a hypomanic episode over this bad of a depressive episode because these depressive periods are...
  3. libbycrossings

    I'm Libby and bipolar depression is consuming my life.

    (TW// mentions of depression, suicidal thoughts, and abuse. please be safe.)This is a vent post basically because I've never spoken to anyone about most of my issues and I'm just spilling over my keyboard so I am sorry it's so so long. Hi there, I'm Libby! I'm currently 18 years old and when I...

    I know it is dangerous

    I was diagnosed as bipolar disorder 2 patient last year. Previously, he diagnosed me wrongly as I was a depression patient. During that time, I took medication for 2 months, then I felt that Im okay. I tried to change the dosage of the medicine, but we couldn’t find the perfect dosage after had...
  5. C

    antipsychotic meds enough to control hypomania?

    I was wondering if anyone taking a anti psychotic and or a antidepressant, notice that it can control there BP 2 hypo mania alone? Has anyone needed Lamictal as well to have mostly complete control of it? (Not sure if that is for depression or mania) I'm on a low-ish dose of Seroquel (350mg) but...
  6. icecreamcake

    Withdrawal symptoms? Cold turkey?

    First of all, what is the difference between those two? Are they one and the same? Secondly, let my try to lay down my situation as calmly as possible (even if right now I’m in the midst of a potential panic attack that I am suppressing)... To go straight to the point, I stopped taking my meds...
  7. Lostinthestatic

    How mild can hypomania be?

    TLDR: I believe I may have experienced hypomania but find it difficult to tell it apart from just feeling happy, or having BPD symptoms. How mild can hypomania be? What is it like to have both BPD and bipolar II? My therapist is considering bipolar disorder as well as borderline personality...
  8. L

    My Fiance's illness destroyed our relationship

    Hi I'm new to this, but I wanted to share my story as I'm struggling with the end result now myself. I met a Spanish girl and we hit it off immediately, a worldwind romance, booked a holiday together on our first date, very quickly moved in together. We both had very good jobs and had an...
  9. C

    Bipolar symptoms not so clear

    I have had diagnosis from Bipolar 2 to MDD/PTSD/GAD. Tried a ton of anti-depressants which usually leave me on the side of some sort of hypo-mania like symptoms. The thing is that, I only have those symptoms when I am on an anti-depressant. My mood is kind of erratic while not on meds but its...
  10. J

    Somewhere between Bipolar 1 and 2

    Hi, I am new here. I registered to get and provide support for those dealing with similar issues such as mine. I have a history of depression/mood issues since childhood. Full blown manic episode 2013 - age 23. Diagnosed in 2016. 5+ years in recovery from drugs/alcohol. Extreme bouts of...