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  1. F

    Psychosis incidence highly variable internationally

    Posted by Medical express December 6 2017 Psychosis incidence highly variable internationally Yet more info to show there's a sizeable environmental component.
  2. B

    What is/are your biggest problem(s)?

    I would say my biggest challenge is self image; either im on another planet in deep space; feeling like a god. Or something/somebody in life causes my mood to crash to ocean depth lows. I try to be in a healthy middle; but sometimes after life runs me ragged mentally and at times physically as...
  3. C

    Returning to study

    I've just found out the modules I completed at university can be counted toward a degree with the Open University. I'm thinking about taking a 60 point module in October. I'm still going to work 3 days a week, there's no way I'd give up my job again to study. But I'm feeling happy and hopeful...
  4. W

    Identifying BPD triggers (new to this)

    I've recently been diagnosed with BPD/other personality disorders mixed and it was a huge relief to find out what is wrong with me so I can take steps towards getting better. Helps to know what is going on. I'm very insightful TOO insightful I'm told lol. The biggest "trigger" for me seems to be...
  5. cpuusage

    The Four Agreements

    Don Miguel Ruiz - Wikipedia >> Four Agreements and Wisdom for Spiritual Warriors based in Common Sense Agreeing with The Four Agreements | Psychology Today From Wikipedia - ""Life is like dancing. If we have a big floor, many people will dance. Some will get angry when the rhythm...
  6. Nikita

    The biggest Cause of anxiety and depression is:

    The Biggest Cause of Anxiety and Depression is Traumatic Life Events | Wake Up World
  7. A

    Children and Hearing Voices

    Hello, I am the mother of a 7 year old daughter who has heard voices for several years now. She copes very well for the most part. She is in the advanced programs at school, loves to socialize, read, and dance. She's very sweet, thoughtful, and emotionally intelligent. She has two voices in...
  8. I


    I am a 27 year old male and have suffered depression many years but not officially diagnosed until 17; I believe I had it earlier than that. I was later diagnosed with anxiety as well when I became a recluse due to panic/anxiety attacks. The last 48 hours it (depression) has attacked me with a...
  9. Y

    Hi people

    Just a quick hello people and a thank you! reading some stuff on here as got me through a difficult night without doing the biggest thing that is ruining my life at the minute (major paranoia) for the first time probably ever if I'm honest with myself 👍🏻
  10. M

    Fear of driving

    Hi, so I feel like I have this problem and I was wondering if people here have experienced the same thing and if they have any tips or advice. The thing is that I don't really have a fear of driving, but I don't have a license yet and I've failed my exam three times already. And it's due to...
  11. S

    I'm such a loser

    I feel like I'm the biggest loser in the world right now. I'm such a let down. I've withdrawn from my uni course because I was finding it too difficult and stressful. I put all my hopes on going to uni and thought that for once my life was coming together and would actually be something and I...
  12. S


    Just thought I would say hello, just joined and intend to have a good look around the different sections. Am not newly diagnosed or anything so have pretty much educated myself and understand a lot about my problems but hoping maybe able to pick up further advice and information. I am male and...
  13. Z

    Whats wrong with by brain??

    Not sure where to start this discussion so here I go. I have been abusing marijuana. I used to smoke every day for about 4 years while at the same time abusing the computer always playing games etc. My body weight is normal and I have no health disorders or anything, but during those years I...
  14. dodo777

    My stress levels are up again.

    I haven't meditated for a while and I can feel it. I must find time to do at least 10 minutes . My achalasia is playing up more which means the muscle in my esophugas is tightening up and I cant eat or drink fluids properly. I had a life threatening asthma attack 3 weeks ago and nearly died I...
  15. T

    Hoping for input

    I recently resigned my position because I called my HR boss out on harassing me right before Christmas and I knew after we came back from shut down she would retaliate against me. So, I made the decision after she started to retaliate against me to resign. My girlfriend seems to be supportive...
  16. E

    Hey, another newbie here!

    Hi everybody! I'm Mimi, and I'm just a 18 y.o. kid from Spain. Lately everything's been starting to fall appart. I'm overreacting to everything and I feel like the most lonely human ever, just as if I hit puberty 6 years late. I've got a lot of rantings about myself (low self-esteem...
  17. S

    Desperate Help

    Hello Homies, Let me start by saying I am a 20 year old college student. This past week I have resolved to kill myself. The problem is that, although I have struggled with depression, I do not feel sad. My reason is due to the fact that I am just super lazy and don’t want to put in the effort...
  18. S

    So lost and no outlook for hope

    I have had some kind of weird memory issue since high school if not sooner, but high school is when I really started to take notice of this issue. I am now 40 years of age. The main issue is that I have the worst working/procedural memory. Additionally I suffer with severe social anxiety to the...
  19. K


    Apologies in advance... I have a feeling this is going to be long but just joined and want to introduce myself. I hope it all falls within guidelines and also apologize in advance if it doesn't. I'm trying to share my issues without too many details but I do mention my triggers which could...
  20. Z

    Lifes what you make it

    is totally the biggest crock of shit people spout You can only do so much with the hand you are dealt