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  1. C

    99.9% of hallucinations are gone AMA

    I fell into psychotic depression in late April and since then, I've been on a roller-coaster ride of ups and downs. Some of those big and small. I've learned a lot since then (still learning). Go ahead and ask me anything you want to know.
  2. soulsearcher

    anyone else had enough of BPD?

    ive had enough with it, its just messing me up big time, i want to die, i so want to die :(
  3. W

    New role, getting anxious

    Posting at lunch. Just started a new contract, the interview briefing was very wrong and the situation is very bad. There is a lot of pressure do deliver what the client wants and in the time that they think it should be done. They’ve dropped me in and left me with no support and they are...
  4. A

    breathing issues, deep breaths

    Even when I'm sat down I feel like I need to fill big deep breaths and sometimes I can't and it worries me. But why would I need big deep breaths if I'm just sat watching TV?? Is trying to take these big breaths causing this issue do you think??
  5. Fairy Lucretia

    sorry ,want to explain x

    thanks for all the lovely private messages x some of you may have seen i got all upset friday night and said i was leaving x well i took something the wrong way and i do often misinterpret things as part of my illness i was being a big baby but i am EXTREMELY sensitive and can't help it well...
  6. A


    I've found that my voices are the worst whenever I'm eating. I might be slightly neurotic about eating and thus this happens, but I was wondering if anybody else gets this too. Is eating a big voices trigger for anyone, and if so, how do you deal with it?
  7. J

    I can't look myself in the mirror

    I can't look myself in the mirror. Not because i've done anything horrible. But because of what my partner thinks about me. I've been in a relationship with a man for 2 years. He doesn't work, but I provide 100% for him. I've bailed him out of jail because he's hit me. I've paid his way through...
  8. Y

    Please help - boyfriend has depression

    Hello all. I do not have a mental illness myself but am dating someone who does. I really need your advice on what to do... We have been dating five years. Last summer he ended up going to the doctor and being put on meds for anxiety/depression. He has been dealing with this for many years...
  9. S

    I hate life

    Just that, I wish the world would just eat me up. I'm a bad person and don't deserve to be living life. I have a big mouth and have torn my family apart by saying my brother sexually abused me.
  10. Kerome

    Mariah Carey reveals she has bipolar

    Interesting but maybe not surprising. It has to be quite something to be a performing artist on the big stage with bipolar though... Mariah Carey reveals she has bipolar disorder | The Independent
  11. M


    I have been bullied at work. People think I am a no body but I am a somebody. I do what is right. The girl threatened to hurt me. And then lied about it. She is in big old trouble. She started the fight with me. my van driver knows she did not tell the truth
  12. A

    Not Sure. Am I Making a Big Deal Out of Nothing?

    So a few years back in the 7th grade I had an experience with a classmate that disturbed me. Basically we had a group project and I was paired with the guy who was basically the class clown and a female friend of his. We were working on something and he made this inappropriate joke then before I...
  13. Sadandalone

    A new low? or a high?

    So my New Years is off to a horrible start. picking up where I left off, Christmas.... it was surprisingly ok. Party went off without problems But, as of 2 days ago.... well, thats when my life has hit a big problem. My husband decided it was time for him to take a step back from me and my 2...
  14. Kerome

    What is the spiritual message of a voice?

    I got a few voices through that made jokes... one said, “not everyone thinks their big toe talks to them”, which was a previous voice hearing experience. Funny. Everything I think could be a load of bullshit. I make big complicated schemes in my mind about how my soul could be in danger, but it...
  15. blacksmoke

    Angry Doesnt Cut It

    i am so fking angry in fact i havent got to process stuff as i have just been told some disturbing shocking news. its going to break things. so fortunate to be seeing the counselor tomorrow. it could set me back big time. just what the fk :panic::scared::( i just cant find the words rage is...
  16. C

    Can't cope anymore

    My partner is now back in the ward. Was admitted last week. I cant take any more of this. He thinks I'm kind of super woman or something. Wanting me to this and to do that..go to flat check his mail etc. I'm actually fuming at him. Im working myself looking after our child..going back and...
  17. M

    The big crap is speaking

    Just because you are paranoid don't mean they are not after you 😇😇😇
  18. Kerome

    Writing a recovery story

    I think once you have a recovery graph, you should be able to write your recovery story, a simple tale about what happened to you when you had your mental health episode and what helped you afterwards. Most mental health episodes are characterised by a period of slow recovery afterwards. The...
  19. F

    Help recognizing depression

    I've caught myself in a bit of a rut lately and I'm not entirely sure how to help myself out and could really use a listening ear. Just about anything anyone has to say would help. I've always considered myself a fairly happy individual. particularly these last couple years I've been...
  20. P

    Need Anxiety advice

    I havent been diagnosed with anxiety but i've noticed i suffer the same problems as people i know who have it. often when i finish talking to someone i'll go over what i said to them in my head and overthink the tone they replied; over analysing the tiniest of things and dwelling on how i could...