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  1. elliepaige20

    My best friend and boyfriend betrayed me...and now I'm all alone.

    Hi Everyone, this is my first time using a forum so I'm hoping I can get some advice for coping with loneliness? For almost two years, I've had a boyfriend who for the purpose of this forum we will call James. Since meeting him at the end of 2016, things were absolutely perfect; he was always...
  2. M

    The Knowing

    I know what she did. Regardless of whether she'll admit it or not. I know what she did but how dare she make me feel fucking crazy!? So whack. I know my heart doesn't lie when it comes to this sort of shit. It happened before and maybe this is the whip crack of karma coming around the bend. But...
  3. valleygirl

    More a matter of anger than disbelief

    I was raised in a Christian home, and considered myself to be a Christian for many years. I guess now I would call myself a reluctant believer. About 4 years ago I experienced a deep betrayal by my church, in which I lost some of the people I had trusted the most with my pain. I started to...
  4. L

    Bad romance

    Hello. I've never posted anything like this before, so I'm not really sure what's appropriate. I have had a tumultuous experience with a recent romance that has left me in a state of despair for the state of my life in general and I wanted to share my story to see if anyone might be kind enough...
  5. E

    WHY do I keep obsessing over him when he's been so bad to me ?

    I met this guy a year ago and ever since he's been teasing me, telling me he "loved" me, hugging me... all of that just for fun. I was fully aware that he didn't mean any of this, that it was all a joke (as he had a girlfriend back then). I thought he intended to make me feel better about...
  6. prairiechick

    It hurts too much

    Why am I so obsessed? Why can't I stop thinking about it. It's been over 2 years, but the feeling of betrayal is still very strong in my heart. I am overwhelmed by my thoughts and emotions. Flooded.
  7. M

    struggling to cope

    My husband says he has given up. He feels no joy no pain no fear. He says he will not kill himself because it will hurt my son and me but I dont believe him even if its true I cant lice withim like this, this emptiness lonliness. A very good friend just left work and I am feeling so alone. I...
  8. R

    I hate them, they won't let me die

    I wouldn't be hear without my MH supports. My psych and my dbt therapist are the most wonderful of supports, even if we do occasionally have issues of distrust or distress or miscommunication. But they believe in me and are proud of my small achievements. They have hope that I can get better...