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  1. E

    Hearing someone after my mom passed away

    After my mom passed away, I started feeling my bed rock. As if somebody was kicking it. 2 nights later, I was lying down and I heard “no” repetitively. It was a distant muffled high pitched males voice (presumably) and it was ceaseless. It stopped after 10 minutes. I was walking around the room...
  2. E

    I am in love with my psychiatric nurse & he also had feelings... HELP?!

    Hello, I just turned 19 years old and my psychiatric nurse is 54. his name is nick and I will call him that just to save confusion. My contact was cut off with him due to the fact I made a complaint about his behaviour. it was unprofessional and my father also picked up on this. I have known...
  3. Midnight.Panda

    depressed and suicidal

    I've never been diagnosed with depression (except for relocational depression 6 years ago) and I usually say I don't have it... I'll just say that I have low moods and that I have the ability to be happy and I haven't been diagnosed etc etc But idk at what point I can sit myself down and...
  4. Midnight.Panda

    A letter to my sunshine (bereavement)

    TRIGGER WARNING: suicide mention Dear best friend, The world isn't the same without you anymore. I always complained about my life to you but I never knew that everything could get so much darker. I wish with all my heart that I could switch places with you. I was always the depressed and...
  5. Midnight.Panda

    Goodbye, my best friend

    I found out a couple weeks ago that my best friend committed suicide. I have known her for 4 years and she was the first friend I made in university. She was my soul mate and my other half. It was an instant connection with her and that's very rare for me since I am so bad with people. A lot of...
  6. P

    Struggling with things

    Hello everyone. Not having the best start to the new year. I was in temp employment as a receptionist but the work has dried up and I was supposed to be starting somewhere else but that role got cancelled so I am unemployed now with zero income and no entitlement to benefits. Also my gran...
  7. T


    What do I do if I don't want to accept the bereavement process, I've lost someone close to me, he hasn't died he is still here. My counsellor said today I had to decide by next week how we deal with it , if we deal with it as a bereavement. It was my first session today after several suicide...
  8. 0

    How do I help my partner? I'm so sorry this is long but I really really need some advice.

    How do I help my partner? I'm so sorry this is long but I really really need some advice. I'm so sorry for the length of this, but I need some advice and without explaining I'm not sure you could understand how awful his situation is. My partner is in a very bad place and I don't know how to...
  9. N

    Should I go to the Chapel of Rest

    I know that no one can really answer this question for me as it's an individual thing but I just wanted some advice and different viewpoints as I'm totally confused over what I should do and it's just going back and forth in my mind. I last saw my grandad around 8 months ago and last week he...
  10. F

    Kinda sad

    A bit down as my best friend died recently, I could always talk to him when I felt bad but now I feel rather socially isolated. :sorry:
  11. J

    Private mental health care - sorry if wrong thread

    So having yet another bad episode of depression/anxiety compounded with bereavement. I'm done with Nhs services and wonder if anyone has any help privately they found helpful? Tia
  12. C

    Hello everyone.

    Only just found this forum this evening. I have someone close to me who has been battling with depression and anxiety over the last two years following bereavement. At certain times, it has also drained me and I have had to learn empathy without so much attachment. However, It has made me want...
  13. S

    My partners problems

    Hi all Looking for some advice please regarding my partners health. She was her brothers carer (very bad diabetic) and he past away last new years eve very suddenly. Being the last of her family she/we dealth with the funeral and all his house etc which took us up to easter. After that she had a...
  14. R

    Do they actually haves support groups?

    Do they have support groups in the UK like AA but where you all sit and talk about Anxiety/Depression etc? Or is it just a one to one thing with a psychiatrist? My mum went to this bereavement group today but said it wasn't what she thought it would be. she thought it would be more like those...
  15. lady-ribbon

    Still having a bit of trouble, sorry

    I'm sorry about making another thing about this; I'm coping slightly better with the concept of death, but I'm still having bad after effects. The first thing is that I'm becoming scared of going to sleep. This is something that happened after I thought my ex had died (long story, don't want to...
  16. lady-ribbon

    I need some help with coping with death please

    Sorry if this is weird but I need a bit of help. My gran recently died and since then I've had a very very hard time coping. I have social and general anxiety so that's made it worse. I'm really really scared of death and my loved ones dying and me being left all alone. I don't know what happens...
  17. A


    I am ashamed of who I am. I am ashamed that I am not coping with my anxiety and depression. I feel like I should be stronger as I have overcome this before. I have lied to get out of going to work because I do not want to leave the house and I can't explain that to my manager. My lie was a...
  18. C

    County Tyrone

    County Tyrone Niamh Louise Foundation 32 Coalisland Road Killybrackey Dungannon Co. Tyrone Northern Ireland BT71 6LA 028 8775 3327 [email protected] The aim of the Niamh Louise Foundation is to provide a safe environment where anyone can drop in to chat about worrying thoughts...
  19. F

    Life after suicide

    About this programme The leading cause of death in men below 50 is suicide, yet people still seem reluctant to talk about it. Birkenhead woman Angela Samata, whose partner Mark took his own life 11 years ago, meets others who have suffered a similar loss, asking why some people choose to take...
  20. N

    Girlfriend may commit suicide

    My girlfriend lost a parent a while ago, about 11 years (she is 25 now), but I believe the grief is unresolved. Her family never did (then and now) really talk about it and she has an intense fear of death. It doesn't affect her day to day, but she has developed some OCD/anxiety, tends to avoid...