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  1. M

    Benzodiazepine and pregabalin/lyrica

    Hallo, I am not suffering with anxiety but my partner does. I originally joined this forum about a month ago during a particularly bad episode and really wanted to seek some advice on how best to help my partner in coping with this affliction. He is the most wonderful kind person at heart but...
  2. S

    I'm new to forums... not to depression

    Hey everyone! I'm new to forums entirely and have been skimming through them through Google searches for about a year now. I finally got the courage to join one. This is my last attempt to manage my dysthymia and anxiety before going back on those ssri's and benzos that made me feel like an...
  3. S

    Question about tolerence to benzos is it permanant??

    I first started taking benzos 1 year ago in March 2016 it was prescribed to me by my doctor. The thing is I started at low doses I was taking 2mg of diazepam 3 times a day so 6mg then after a while I switched to Xanax I was given 0.5mg twice a day (1mg a day) it was working despite the low dose...
  4. L

    Self medication

    Hi, I was just wondering if anyone would share with me their experiences with illegal self-medication?? I'm not advocating it in the slightest just curious to see if anyone has tried similar things to me. Like I've used all kinds of stimulants to combat depression. and weed for mixed episodes...
  5. S

    What medication is the most effective to sedate/relax you??

    So most of the doctors around here( I live in Manchester in the UK) & even my psychiatrist is either refusing to prescribe benzos or refusing to increase my dose ( I'm prescribed 5mg of diazepam twice a day only!). So besides benzos which medication ( excluding drugs like...
  6. N

    How long/often do you have to take benzos to become dependent?

    Would you have to take them daily? Could taking a Klonopin once or twice every week or two cause dependency?
  7. O


    there was this guy on youtube, theplanetearth, and he said don't take the benzos.... now i agree....feel like a stoned zombie...... i asked for sleeping pills...... do u feel the same way?
  8. Lincoln1990

    I need help

    I need to get through this weekend in one piece. I'm having 15-20 anxiety attacks a day and have been for awhile. I don't have any Benzos, besides Temazepam to sleep. Which I don't take daily. I know most of you are asleep. I'm heading to bed myself but I figure I can post this and then I can...
  9. S

    How has your psychological problems impacted your life?

    How has it changed your life, and what disorder(s) are you suffering from? I'm bipolar, have OCD, GAD, SAD, PPD and emeotphobia. I have amnesia, impaired balance and speech impediments (stuttering and this kinda mumbling effect, and can't say certain words/sentences normally) from 3 attempted...
  10. F

    Benzos Increase Risk of Fractures

    Benzos Increase Risk of Fractures | Mad In America
  11. mygirl1uk


    Hi I have been given new Meds to help with my anxiety, but cos they are Benzo's the crisis team have said about driving with them, does anyone e Else drive while taking Benzo's e.g. Lorazepam, diazepam
  12. D

    online pharmacies

    hi i suffer from very bad panic attacks that are nearly identical to heart attacks what i mean is they feel like heart attacks..i went to my gp about this problem and she precribed me a benzo for short term treatment, only 5 days..when i was on this benzo i felt no anxiety at all it was such a...
  13. thealienguy

    My Old Pal, Insomnia

    It was back in 2005 when I lost my ability to sleep naturally. Sure, insomnia had frequented me before that a good bit, but I would say mid-2005 was when it packed its bags and moved into me for good. Since then, just laying down and having a little shut-eye just doesn't happen. Sleep only...
  14. Sweetie


    Is it really so bad to depend on them? I know it is, but if it enables me to have some sort of life, is it really that bad then? Instead of avoiding everything, i can take a pill and be able to feel like i can go and complete the day. I say this about college. I dont think i can complete it...
  15. BadBuddha


    I wake up feeling lousy every morning, take around 50 mg. diazepam and 3 mg. Xanax and feel better.I've been addicted to these things for several years and feel bad anxiety without them. The only good thing is that they keep me off the drink, which has nearly killed me before. And they deal with...
  16. BadBuddha

    Many problems, not happy.

    On the plus side, I've decided that 2009 is the year I sort myself out. I hope this site will help. On the other hand, I'm a recovering alcoholic. I didn't drink for 15 years, sank into a deep depression 18 months ago and drank myself into the psychiatric ward. I've had many dry weeks now, new...