1. K

    I'm at that borderline between sanity and insanity.

    I having bizarre sex dreams of my father trying to sexually abuse me and I am trying to kill celebrities. I don't trust my sense, I no longer can distinguish reality and my nightmares that haunt my soul. I don't find the answers that I am looking for by going to therapy. I hate celebrities, that...
  2. keepsafe

    Trigger possible

    come on let me live girl this moent in time it belongs to me for fuck sake not anyone else - I lie I steal, I cheat, I procrastinate - all unhealthy really BAD mad things but I am still gunuine for suffering and lost souls - do not be lost any more for we are one and can help each other grow -...
  3. Major_Mayhem

    anyone add/ADHD

    Just wondering if anyone suffers from add /ADHD. Since there's no forum I dunno where my post belongs. And what's your experience