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  1. Bizzarebitrary

    Let's address antidepressants and self-stigma

    There are a number of reasons why someone diagnosed with mental illness refuses psychiatric medications and I'd like to understand why some stigmatize it. Can mental illness be treated, tolerated without meds - yes of course, I know this from personal experience but let's discuss why patients...
  2. DoctorInternet2

    What is autism please

    :help: In my case my social skills are fairly good, although I've noticed a few slight symptoms especially when I communicate with certain types of women I don't know, whether they notice it or not I really can't say. I also have a problem understanding how to perform tasks, because the wording...
  3. K

    Coping w/ Thought Broadcasting.

    I want to take a break from the belief of telepathy & get down to the delusion. I've been having real trouble lately, accepting the 'belief' that people i've met can hear my thoughts is destroying my life. I'm starting to not want to go to work & rather sit inside & hide from the world.. I...
  4. Mr.NiceGuy

    does belief in telepathy cause schizophrenia?

    I currently am not suffering any voices for several months now. Voices make me respond when I believe they are human. I don't see how this could happen again, but I remember thinking that the last time I went several months without an attack. Do any of you suffering schizoid symptoms right now...
  5. A

    Belief Crisis and parents think mindfulness is evil! >_>

    Has anyone had a belief crisis? Meaning I been going to therapy and I discovered all my beliefs I got from was from my highly suspicious parents. Now I don't know what to believe in. My family has used the beliefs to put fear in me to control me. For example I been doing mindfulness because...
  6. Poopy Doll

    Core Beliefs ingrained

    I was wondering if anyone else wanted to diminish their core beliefs a bit by shining some light on them. Due to the piss poor manner in which I was raised, I received the core belief that "I do not deserve to BE". It very clearly is worded this way exactly. As I go through life and acquire...
  7. N

    Can you be stable but still lack insight?

    I truly think I don't have anything wrong with me but my care team are saying I'm the wellest I've been in ages which reinforces my belief, if you lack insight but are well does that mean your not that well really, it it commen
  8. cpuusage

    The divine fire of Philip K Dicks religious visions

    The divine fire of Philip K Dick’s religious visions | Aeon Ideas By Kyle Arnold - is a psychologist at Coney Island Hospital and clinical assistant professor of psychiatry at SUNY Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York. His latest book is The Divine Madness of Philip K Dick (2016)...
  9. A

    An essay on rediscovering confidence and self-belief, by a man recovering from depression

    An essay on rediscovering confidence and self-belief, by a man recovering from depression I've recently been keeping a diary, as advised by my therapist, to keep a log of all the thoughts going through my mind throughout the day. I often find it difficult to separate them into independent...
  10. cpuusage

    Beyond belief

    Beyond belief We realize that life is ugly, painful, sorrowful; we want some kind of theory, some kind of speculation or satisfaction, some kind of doctrine, which will explain all this, and so we are caught in explanation, in words, in theories, and gradually, beliefs become deeply rooted and...
  11. NicoretteGummed

    Is It Possible To Survive Mental Illness Without Belief In A Higher Power Or An Afterlife????

    Is It Possible To Survive Mental Illness Without Belief In A Higher Power Or An Afterlife???? In my own experience of Mental Illness and my own trials and tribulations throughout Society I would have to say that No-Recovery from Mental Illness and it's accompanying Extreme Distress is certainly...
  12. E

    Religious/spiritual beliefs and voice hearing?

    Just a quick question. How has your belief system had a bearing on your voices, if any?
  13. cpuusage

    RSA Replay - Beyond Belief: Taking Spirituality Seriously

    RSA Replay - Beyond Belief: Taking Spirituality Seriously - YouTube Streamed live on 16 Oct 2013 Many have argued that the world's problems may be ultimately 'spiritual' in nature, and much of the population, atheists and believers alike, claim to have a spiritual dimension to their lives...
  14. L


    Here's a strange belief. When I express this belief in front of psychiatric professionals I believe they think it is part of my psychosis. So I am not in a position to say whether it is true, only that it seems real to me. The belief is that human beings give off airborne chemical messages...
  15. Shiro

    Alone in Belief

    I am the only Christian I know that has a, hm, different belief. I believe in God and Jesus, but I don't strictly follow The Bible, due to human error, and it's not the only religious belief/book with true things in it. I believe majority of religions actually praise the same God, under a...
  16. M

    On verge of giving in

    Not feeling very strong tonight. Husband is already asleep as he has had a long couple of days. Really want to sh and then take some meds to make me sleep. Stressed beyond belief. Moving house in 2 weeks and not even started packing yet! I feel like saying sod it and giving in to the urges! :cry:
  17. G

    cloud atlas

    This film looks amazing, I think could be very enlightening and great for people of a spiritual reincarnation belief type persuasion. Check the trailer out, which in itself sends joy and sadness coursing through my body.
  18. D

    Rational perfectionism

    I am a perfectionist by nature, and an OCD sufferer (the two come in the same package), but very recently I've convinced myself somewhat 'rationally' that I must be perfect, or else, I am unworthy of respect and worthy of condescension. I will explain the process of how I came to this irrational...
  19. Rainbow-Starlight

    New Member Here

    Hello everyone, I am new to these forums. I have struggled with mental health problems for years and still do to this day. I joined these forums because I feel the need to talk about these things but often do not know where to go. I was diagnosed with a mood disorder not otherwise specified...
  20. R

    Are people with mental health issues more likely to seek spirituality than the everyday person

    Are people with mental health issues more likely to seek spirituality than the everyday person I have had problems with my mental health throughout my adult life and have generally felt I have been seeking something about life which explains more of what life means. For a period of time I have...