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  1. bluemoon2

    Should I spend the day alone?

    I dread this time of year with a passion. Whenever I spend time with my narcissistic family it never ends well, it always ends up in arguments, the blame game and scapegoating, the thought of spending Christmas with them fills me with dread. I’m worried that spending time with them will undo...
  2. S

    Trauma based mind control, has this happened to any one else

    Before world wide mind control on behaviour, trauma based mind control was used in schools, it happened to me, after just reading about it, I came to that conclusion, mine was a special school, unfortunately the psychologist would of known about my birth and I was used for reasearch to come up...
  3. AliceinWonderland

    A different way to think about personality disorders

    "Here's another way to look at it: little children develop patterns to help them survive, but sometimes those patterns give them trouble later in life. Survival means more than staying fed - it means trying to develop a sense that you matter and are loved. What a task, particularly for tiny...
  4. W

    Now and then I struggle with my mum's mental health

    Hey there, So, my mum refuses to accept that her behaviour isn't always.. Well. Sane. For years I have tried offering her help, such as CBT but there is always the denial. Some recent examples are that she fears I will be arrested for volunteering with Greenpeace despite not doing anything...
  5. D

    How do I make a girl with bad anxiety who like me feel comfortable with being aepround me.

    How do I make a girl with bad anxiety who like me feel comfortable with being aepround me. She is such a beautiful girl and she seem very intelligent. The problem Is she is often feeling tense and nervous that I could feel it from her body language. I did notice signs from her that she likes me...
  6. SomersetScorpio

    Feel like an embarrassment

    Has anybody got any tips or advice for that little voice inside that insists that you're an embarrassment? :low: I was very socially anxious as a teenager - couldn't hold eye contact, constant shaking and adrenaline whenever I spoke to anybody, blushing to the point of making my eyes water etc...
  7. megirl

    Its been a while

    I have no idea when I posted last a lot has changed. My husband and i split up, just out of the blue he decided that he wanted to end our marriage, He didnt want to consider a temporary separation or counselling...so anyway here we are 3 months on. A few days after his decision to end our...
  8. Mr.NiceGuy

    other ghostly behaviour

    If when you type a message trying to describe the behaviours of voices, and they yell at you for the different thoughts you have on how to say it as those thoughts crop up in your mind, based on there judgement of you getting the wording right and it remaining a true statement, then you can know...
  9. J

    Feeling Broken

    Hi, posting here about a catastrophic incident I had with an old man 5 years ago. Once I hit my mid thirties I felt very much a man, but then discovered people like men in pubs could damage you by doing strange things like nose scratching and walking on hard based floors which didn't feel right...
  10. O

    How do you live with bdp?

    Hi I've been diagnosed with bdp for about a year I went though several diagnosises before they settled on bdp, it's made my whole life make sense. I've struggled with depression since 12yrs old when I was sexually abused had to deal with a violent neglectful father and a Mormon mother who...
  11. Y

    Am I the only one who actually does something embarrassing, every time?

    Am I the only one who actually does something embarrassing, every time? I went to the hospital yesterday to see the gastroenterologist, and the hospital is a very busy, crowded place that gives me dozens of negative thoughts before I even get out of the atrium. I went with my mother, as I go...
  12. W

    Why Do the Voices always Manifest Such Criminal Behaviour

    Hi Folks, If you have observed the behaviour of the voices that infect you ...you will notice that they always manifest criminal behaviour for the most part are like some Natural Born Rapists ... Rape you and then threaten you to remain silent and not reveal or complain about the rapists...
  13. L

    Hello from Germany

    Hello everyone! May I introduce myself? I am Lorellin and I live in Germany. I am 30-years-old and study English and German at the university. I have always been a very empathic person but my "condition" got worse after good friends of mine accused me of disloyalty because I started to date a...
  14. E

    My partner with BPD is shutting me out - and I am not sure how I should respond. Anxious!

    My partner with BPD is shutting me out - and I am not sure how I should respond. Anxious! Dear all, Sorry it's so long, I am struggling and a little heart broken. Background: Partner is an: ex drug addict (9 months - since the start of our relationship), living in supported accommodation (but...
  15. L

    *trigger warning* suicidal

    I do not wish to burden anybody, please do let me know if deleting the post is best. Well, my family were right. I crashed down again. genuinely thought I was cured, believed god was speaking to me, thought nothing was wrong and now I'm back to where I always end up: depression. I'm so ashamed...
  16. S

    Self destructive behaviour

    I'm really struggling to cope with my emotions and as a consequence I'm exhibiting self destructive behaviour. How do I even begin to get out of this negative cycle?
  17. G

    Not sure where to turn

    Hi, Erm, not sure how to begin. I've had mental health problems for years, never been properly diagnosed tho, always just fobbed off with anti depressants by my doctors even tho I've asked to be referred for an assessment. My sisters and parents have always said there's summat wrong with me...
  18. M

    Need advice ...Anyone experienced it??

    As per my doc, i am suffering from Psychosis and OCD. I am on Antidepressant and antipsychotic since last 6 month. OCD:- For OCD, i actually get swearing words in my mind for any person who come in front of me inlcuidng my parents. I never used swearing words before in my life. I felt guilty...
  19. L

    Unpredictability. Blocked EUPD friend.

    Hey everyone, Thought I'd post this for support over the next few days. I have blocked a friend with EUPD on Facebook. There was no arguing or anything, I just decided that I needed to block her because of her clingy behaviour towards me and I can't invest time in her attention seeking...
  20. E

    Recent behaviour

    I have recently began having episodes where I get very restless and need to keep moving otherwise I sink into fatigue and headaches. I find writing aimlessly with pen and paper, pacing back and forth or walking up and down the stairs repeatedly helps but I cannot understand my behaviour. Can...