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  1. V

    Befriending mean voices

    Hello there, I hear four voices. One girl is seven and doesn't say much, one girl is fourteen and two are men that sound like they're in their thirtees. The fourteen year old, Becky, wants me to come to her world and now that I've said I don't want to come (yet) she is very angry. The two male...
  2. C

    County Tyrone

    County Tyrone Niamh Louise Foundation 32 Coalisland Road Killybrackey Dungannon Co. Tyrone Northern Ireland BT71 6LA 028 8775 3327 [email protected] The aim of the Niamh Louise Foundation is to provide a safe environment where anyone can drop in to chat about worrying thoughts...
  3. C


    Stamford StartaFresh - Befriending Group Christ Church Green Lane Stamford Lincolnshire PE9 1HE 01780 766446 07950 464093 Monday, Thursday and Friday 1.00pm to 3.00pm StartaFresh provides befriending and mentoring support for vulnerable adults in and around Stamford who have encountered a...
  4. C


    Carlisle/Eden Carlisle Eden Mind 01768 899 002 A local charity supporting people who feel distressed or isolated. We want to help you to become more positive about yourself, hopeful about the future, in control and able to deal with life’s setbacks. Services: Mental health training courses...
  5. C


    North Wiltshire Doorway Office Station Hill House Station Hill Chippenham SN15 1EQ Doorway drop-in sessions Salvation Army Hall Foghamshire Chippenham SN15 1HB 01249 445385 [email protected] Open access drop-in sessions each week Monday 9.30am – 12.30pm, Thursday 12.30 – 3.30pm...
  6. cpuusage

    Befriending our bodies: accepting our minds/bodies as they are

    Befriending our bodies: accepting our minds/bodies as they are
  7. E

    has anyone had experience with a befriending service?

    My support worker at mind has put me in touch with a befriending service. They got in touch with me today, and asked some quiestions. They said they would be pairing people up in january. I dont really know what happens with befriending
  8. delatext


    Is anyone experiencing their support services pushing a 'recovery strategy ' on them ? like there not Doctors but they rave on about 'recovery' you're bullied and made to feel belittled, you would not tell a stroke patient to enter a marathon but these so called 'mental health' charities are...
  9. W

    Befriending Scheme East Sussex

    Hi all We've just started a new befriending scheme up which is open to anyone experiencing mental health distress in the Wealden, Eastbourne or Lewes Districts of East Sussex. It's tailor made to each person depending on their goals but essentially it's there to help people get back into the...
  10. bulbie


    So I've done it. I've found a befriending service, and I've contacted them, just got to wait for a reply now. Meeting a new person - I'm terrified! What do you all think of a befriending service for people with depression and anxiety?:scared:
  11. F

    Changes afoot/cuts

    Received letter from Rethink about the day services they provide in my area which includes the befriending service that provides my befriender. It seems that the local PCT who provides funding for their services has served notice on the existing contract and that significant changes to how the...