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  1. B

    Getting out of bed. Witts end.

    Hi there... I'm totally frustrated with myself. This is such an issue I feel like it's never going to change. It's been an issue all through my teens and adult life. I do have issues with sleep & things, wide awake, sometimes a late night due on my own doing or horrible dreams etc, that's always...
  2. Soul_Deeps

    Tips for getting out of bed

    Hey, I am now at a point (yet again) where my daily routine contains of very irregular sleep, laying in bed awake, eating and having my whole body hurt because of the complete absence of any movement. It is honestly very exhausting and stressful laying in bed all day, but getting up is just...
  3. A


    Has anyone else had a bad experience with mental health services ? I have been told by a psychiatrist that I have invented things happening to me, yet have witnesses and proof that I am not lying. Have been sectioned, this is what they did to me. No bedding in middle of winter, bed opposite had...
  4. S

    BED - Managing the gap between diagnosis and treatment

    Hi, all. After a long period of trial/denial/fear, I spoke with my GP on Thursday and he agrees that I am deep into BED territory. I have a fasting blood test on Wednesday of next week with an appointment the Wednesday after for the results so we can eliminate any underlying conditions or...
  5. M

    Thought id start by introducing myself hi

    Hi im rosie. Ive been struggling for years with what ever i have. Ive always put it down to depression and anxiety but im thinking its worse than that. Im 24 and married with a child of my own and two step kids. Its hard. I met my husband in 2015 and it was just him me and my daughter then...
  6. M

    Let’s accentuate the positives

    Are you struggling with chronic depression. Has anxiety got a grip such that you are constant pain. Have you lost your job because you no longer can go to work. Have you turned to alcohol to prop your sad life up. Has your wife left you. Can you no longer get out of bed. Had a heart...
  7. M


    Not so keen on this whole idea people seem to have of getting out of bed. For 5 years now it has seemed to me people, well everyone, seem to want to get out of bed and perhaps say go to work or something. Quite why people think I will ever get out of bed and say go to work, well I’ve never put...
  8. F

    Advice needed

    My husband has had depression ever since I've known him and he has suffered from mood swings and downward spirals. He has been on and off anti depressants as he has sometimes stopped taking them. In the last month he has been referred to a mental health team for assesment. They diagnosed him as...
  9. I

    Once upon a time.....bullied

    In my early 30's I held a picture in my hand when, once upon a time, the moment I had my second suicidal thought was captured on camera. It was my sister's grade eight graduation. Reluctant to get out of bed I was finally scolded into the shower; Before rising out of bed I thought to my...
  10. F

    STILL hopefull

    Depression. They say keep moving no matter what even if it feels bad. I have managed to get past the point of getting out of bed, brushing my teeth etc. I got upset with myself for not being able to do something I usually would not mind doing. Ok so. Healing is still going. The depression has...
  11. L

    Why Don't I want to go to bed.

    I don't know why. Am I scared of sleeping too long? Am I Scared I'm wasting time? A'm I worried ill lay in bed and not sleep? Is this related to my depression. Why do I not want to sleep. But yet then not want to deal with anything and have the desire to stay in bed as long as possible. I know...
  12. L

    Night terrors while you are awake?

    What does it mean when you have not only had night terrors when in bed sleeping, but also when you haven't gone to bed yet?
  13. A

    Zolpidem sleeping tablets and insomnia...

    Zolpidem hypnotics (also known as stilnoct) are very good for calming you down, working through insomnia and getting you to sleep. I take one 10mg pill twice a week before bed and it seems to do the trick, although it has made me a bit hungry into the early hours.
  14. I

    A Pill for you a pill for me (poem)

    Hello their, sit down and stay. Ill help you take the pain away. Ill say I slayed the feelings in your head, when I only put them to bed. They are bound to wake with a full nights rest, and you'll be put to the test. Its ok now don't be wary we have many pills that vary. they'll make your...
  15. E

    Depression / anxiety

    OK so hear goes, I've had anxiety depression for years I'm struggling daily just to get out of bed. I feel I've given up yes I lie in bed all day, and I feel so alone and isolated , I don't go out. My friends have dropped me which is hard they not understand. I have let my self go. My home is...
  16. Zardos

    Narcolepsy ?

    I woke up in bed at 9:15pm.. Without any memory of how I got there... Well at least this time I made it to bed... When I got to the living room everything was left on again.. Well so much for Thursday.. Now I've got a dilemma... Do I stay up till 9:30am when the bank opens.. Or do I try to go...
  17. Zardos


    I've been eating allot of teacakes... Seems a waste to just leave them go stale or to bin them.. Can't be bothered toasting them.. Just eating them raw ?.. Didn't make it to bed last night.. Slept scrunched up on the couch.. Don't remember what time I got up this morning but everything was left...
  18. M

    Lack of Boundaries with mom

    My mom actually lived with me in my college dorm room (a single) all of last year (I'm 21, female by the way). We shared a twin bed and and she even ate from the dining halls and used the showers. She was only planning to stay a couple of nights but she never left. I tried my best to keep her...
  19. F

    Living Alone

    I'm in the process of finding my own place for the first time and I am absolutely terrified. Not about bills or money or any of that but about not having anybody there that I have to keep myself together for. I've been living with my friend/ex-partner and his family for three years now, before...
  20. angry butterfly


    Something bothering me. Something stupid as usual. I suppose it does'nt matter. It will fade. My own fault. Heads in a spin. I'm an idiot. I'm tired, should go to bed. Should have gone out today. Does'nt do to stay in on my own all day. Not these days.