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  1. S

    Compassionate beauty therapists

    Dear Self Harm Community - I would dearly love to have a professional manicure and hand massage, but am terrified of seeing 'that look' or having to deal with awkward questions when the beauty therapist sees the scars on my wrist from a suicide attempt. Does anyone have any firsthand...
  2. B

    My Partner told me he's had enough and isn't comming back.

    Hello, After pushing my boyfriend away he has decided not to return and says he can't do this anymore. The cause of this, is because I hate myself so much and have constantly been speaking to him about how great his ex girlfriend is and that I'd never be able to reach her standards of beauty...
  3. Vanzeli

    My first antidepressant and lots of questions.

    I'm about to start taking antidepressants. In fact i just took my first paxil! And anxiety is kicking in! So many questions are Rasing my mind at the moment. First a bit of my background :I lost my brother to suicide 2 years ago and i battle depression and anxiety ever since. Once i was a person...
  4. EllaGuru

    Hello Everyone :)

    I introduced my mental health issues in a thread called Was I nuts before or after? Please Help. I am 33 years old and have been diagnosed as Bi-Polar since I was 23 years old. I do Amateur Dramatics and have starred in several plays. I am in the middle of performing in Sleeping Beauty, and the...
  5. M

    Depression is key to the secret world of awe and beauty

    I wanted to share a little story with you guys as i sit here on my lunch break,a story which starts with an attempted, suicide probably as many people here have experienced. By the age of 17 the inner voice or thoughts had taken me over enough to convince me that suicide was the only option...
  6. valleygirl

    Unspeakable Part 2

    Unspeakable A grief that cannot be named A longing beyond words Hope lost A dark vortex Pulling me away from Beauty and light
  7. M


    Hi So, basically, I suffer from social anxiety, which mostly stems from my appearance. I feel like it is getting more severe recently. I have always felt different, because I am ugly. Sometimes I think I am pretty but then I realise I am not because literally everyone thinks I am ugly and no one...
  8. L

    life is so painfull to me

    Theres beauty everywhere From the birds To the bees From the grass To the trees Its all so beautifull But beautifull things make me sad As they are so beautifull Why does nature give me hurtfull feelings Why does beauty hurt me so much I dont understand it It should make me warm But makes me...
  9. Fairy Lucretia

    does beauty

    overwhelm you and make you feel hopeless :unsure: I cant really explain it but beauty in whatever form is too much to bear at times beautiful songs ,beautiful people beautiful feelings beautiful anything x im cracker doodle im thinking
  10. razza

    rabbit hole

    I just screw up time and time again. It's nearly 3am and I cannot sleep, my thoughts are buzzing. Take me out to the paddock and shoot me. There's a paddock across the road with horses. If only if only. I just want to sleep forever. Sleeping beauty although I'm no beauty. Down the rabbit hole...
  11. T

    Demand a second opinion

    WEll there one was sectiond again, still screaming, 'this is the worst flipping beauty salon in the F world', 'its a horrid place, I thought this was going to be a 5star beauty place?', where are the beauticians and where is my stuff?', And continued on even after an injection to calm the...
  12. J

    The Beauty of Nature

    I was looking out of my hallway window today and saw some sparrows in the overgrown ivy of the house across the road, I watched them for the best part of a half hour flying about nipping into the gardens and bushes, going about there little lives just watching what pretty, tiny little creatures...
  13. A

    Crooked Beauty

    Well worth a Watch - http://www.crookedbeauty.com/
  14. prairiechick


    I wrote this poem back in summer, and thought I'd share it with you. Beauty Beauty, Beauty is all lost to me; vanished, it has abandoned me in a colorless world, a dim, grey world where soft winds no longer whisper in the delicate aspen, the sun no longer illuminates their slender, white...
  15. prairiechick

    A Poem I Wrote

    Beauty Beauty, Beauty is all lost to me; vanished, it has abandoned me in a colorless world, a dim, grey world where soft winds no longer whisper in the delicate aspen, the sun no longer illuminates their slender, white frame; a world in which the joy of no flower penetrates my heart; a world...