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  1. Grape

    I've failed at life

    I can't seem to get over this repetitive thought pattern That i've failed at work At having a family of my own At keeping my social life going with everyone I feel like a loser Like i've nothing It has been making me feel sick all day I feel like what's the point A loner, a loser Living alone...
  2. RainbowHeartz

    Beating bulimia

    I'm doing it well so far beating it. I'm happy I've nearly made two weeks of not purging. The best part is I have more energy and loosing weight slowly but surely.
  3. NatP1

    Am i too tough on myself?

    i think all of us at one point or another are harsh on ourselves. its probably what pushes well people to do better anyway. But for me i have caught myself mentally putting myself down because of things. I couldn't cope with stress today so the first thing that went through my head was to self...
  4. prairiechick

    Heart beating so fast

    I went back up to my prescribed dose of quetiapine (600 mg), and things have been better, except my appetite is crazy and I really do believe my bingeing is largely due to the quetiapine. I went nuts on cheese cake and cheesies after work this evening. I bought so much food I couldn't...
  5. F

    Beating bipolar

    Beating Bipolar
  6. littlebit33

    Tuff task

    So, I have one of the hardest tasks to do over the next week (starting tomorrow), and that is to cut self injury in half. I'm really starting to panic :scared: I want so bad to succeed in doing this, and i just cant fail. im afraid if i will tho. the urges are so strong. i mean ok i tey not to...
  7. B

    Beating myself up? Really?

    Hi, I'm not posting this to get ideas for self harm or indeed to have a rant about my own. But I'd like to get other's opinions on a new form of SI I tried earlier this week. I've been self harming for 4 years now . But earlier this week I was told by voices in my head (I have a psychosis) to...
  8. saladin


    Just joined this forum after numerous reccomendations from friends (at least I think this is the right forum. Meh) Just saying hey. A bit about me: I'm 22, male, and suffer from what at the moment they're calling "cyclothemia". In actual fact I'm still undiagnosed. I do have a question...