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  1. I

    such a terrible day

    I accidentally must have turned. Fridge off at work yesterday we had to.thriw everything away o feel so stupid hate mysel really beating myself up over it
  2. A

    Waking up not being able to catch a breath

    Hi all Last night was the first time in ages this has happened I woke up a couple times not being able to catch a breath and then I had one really bad episode where I couldn't catch my breath my heart started beating very fast and I think it was because I started to panic. But then after that I...
  3. L

    I don't see a way out

    Mams dead, nanny's dead, sisters are self obsessed. Dad's going into a home very soon, a high chance I'll end up homeless shortly after. Likely I'll have to give up my dogs, my reason for living. I don't know what to do, I have the means to end it so easily. Life is beating the living hell out...
  4. Solitude1

    What's happening to me?

    Feeling extremely bad today. Woke up late and ate very little and then lied down again. Now I don't know why but my heart is beating in an unordered way. I feel a vague fear for no reason at all. I feel sad as well. Depressed, worried, confused...
  5. Lyotto1

    Revenge helped me bring my self esteem back.

    My brother used to molest me and beat me while i was a child. He would beat me for no reason and hit my skull till i have bad headaches during the day. If i cover my head he would then pinch my arms till my skin bleeds. I used to yell and cry asking him to stop and call him you stupid you dog...
  6. S

    Panic attack please HELP

    I'm in the middle of a random panic atrack here and feel so alone and frightened. No one i can talk to is answering my calls or texts.. and this was the only other place I could think of to turn to. I feel shakey and my heart is beating so fast I can't breath properly does anyone have any...
  7. M

    how about we depressed people talk through skype and be friends ?

    no ? I thought as a loner with no friends in entire life that's the only way to have friends but maybe it's harder since nobody wants to if they are all loners. Not all mental people are though. My health ,skin, eyes, everything is a mess. I have no job experiences. Not much of skills to show...
  8. D

    Taking over my life

    Hi everyone I'm new to this but hope someone can share their thoughts with me. I'm 26 healthy female don't drink or smoke I have suffered with health anxiety for the past few years spending a lot of money in tests that have all come back normal but every night as I lay and drift off to sleep I...
  9. N

    Last few months of uni and mental illness is beating me.

    And I dint know what to do to stop it. :mad:
  10. M

    beating psychosis?

    Hi all, Did anyone manage to beat psychosis (no symptoms without meds) long term? If so, how? I get the type with delusions but no voices or hallucinations. It's reccurent (yearly). My current psychiatrist/therapist claims I don't even have it, but use it as a defence mechanism to "growing...
  11. H

    hey, can anyone help?

    Hey everyone, Im new to mhf and after a lot of battling with myself i have decided that this may be a gateway where i can talk to people and try and relieve a little bit of weight off my shoulders. I am always feeling ever so worried that something bad is always going to happen and i feel...
  12. K


    Hi I'm having a really bad day I was drinking last nite but today I feel awful my heart is beating really fast an it thuds, does anyone else get this after drinking?
  13. W

    Fast heartbeat

    I have all the symptoms of anxiety such as breathlessness, going to the toilet frequently, fearing that something is seriously wrong, not sleeping well, night sweats, feel like I'm looking through a glass, palms sweating, having thoughts like 'what if this lasts forever' which in turn trigger...
  14. C


    :sleepy2: nvm
  15. The Big Dawg

    Suicidal thought.

    Ok I'm still here but one time I went somewhere to commit suicide, it still scares me to this day that I was going to do it, it was like there was nobody around and something just got inside of me to make me do it, it was like I had a voice my head telling me that I must do it, my heart was...
  16. Shape Shiftsalot

    Hello from Yorkshire

    Hi guys. I'm a 23yo male with Asperger's Syndrome and I've been having anxiety and depression issues since I was 16. They've gotten worse progressively along with things that have happened in my life such as looking after my dad and having him die on me. I was an alcoholic for a while and at the...
  17. G

    Should I tell my doctor

    My paranoia is getting worse I think my parents have cameras around the house spying on me I think someone or something is out to get me I believe they are poisoning my water I drink and my food I believe I am the centre of the universe and everything revolves around me I feel I cannot get...
  18. A

    Anxiety about an old memory

    Hello, I have anxiety over an old memory of something I did over 10 years ago - I was 10-12 years old and I "hurt" someone but he is perfectly fine today (it's actually didn't change his life at all). I talk logically to myself but I still get sometimes adrenaline rush and beating heart. I know...
  19. J

    Hugs in therapy

    Me and my therapist hugged for along time and he's really tall and I could hear his heartbeat it was beating really fast I'm just wondering if hugs are ok in therapy?
  20. W

    Will P-doc report me ???

    Hello Peeps GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR Not seen the pdoc for a while until today (fri) and i really opened up to her for a change, i told her a lot of Bad things what i done years ago soooo what i want to know is it confidential what i tell her ??i forget if it is or will she tell the police. I didn't...