1. S

    Learned the hard way to not care what others think you..

    I was in a 12 step program called Al-anon, and Co-dependents Anonymous, for relationship problems. Well.. One day i was on the phone telling my Brazilian sponsor, who adopted me as her daughter, how i hated being judged, backstabbed, gossiped and talked about by others. My sponsor (adopted...
  2. M

    love and mercy

    Has anyone seen the movie Love and Mercy? With Brian Wilson from the beach boys. Someone recommended it to me.
  3. RainbowHeartz

    i am fat

    like fucking fat im huge ive gained LOADS of weight and im fat im disgusting and gross i hate me and so should everyone else.... fuck is tht a beach whale, oh shit thats me in the mirror ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
  4. skitzofrantik

    frak yes woop woop

    now have my own flat keys to MY own place :woohoo::dance: feels so weird didny even expect to be here 5 years later let alone with my own place, how life can change, just want to be in there now but trying to be patient as coz of homeless priorty i get core furnishings like carpets etc, so there...
  5. M

    hi whats everyone up to today then?

    Hi what is everyone upto ? Im going to the beach :) Littlestone in Kent, if any of you know it!!
  6. Angels

    I really want to go!!!

    There is a trip to the beach happening tomorrow. My mum and dad asked me if i would like to go. well.. i would love to go. but i cant. Im having a debate if i should or not. I would love to just get away from here and relax on the sunny, lovely beach. but its just my anxiety and depression...