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  1. L

    having a favorite person

    Hi everyone, I wanted to know do you believe in having a fp when you have bdp and if yes do you think it's possible that you fp is someone that you don't know personally like a celebrity or a pet ?
  2. B

    Bdp and being a single parent

    Hi everyone, 1st time being on this site, I'll keep my msg short and to the point, I'm a single parent to 2 kids age8/14, I have no family nor friends, and I literally mean none, I got diagnosed with bdp in March 2018, I'm currently having episodes every 4-6 weeks, the only support I have is my...
  3. tjola

    can’t cope

    So I just completely smashed my flat up, and tried injuring my partner by lobbing anything in reach. My bdp has taken over and the rage I can’t contain, so I smashed everything
  4. P

    Downward spiral since wife diagnosed with Cyclothymia

    Hi guys, I made a post a few months back regarding my situation with my wife. Basically she was diagnosed late last year with cyclothymia (possibly bipolar 2) after pushing for answers for years. She had noticed herself that she was manic. After some digging I found out that she’s bought a...
  5. C

    Attachment and Fear

    I've had this on going struggle of becoming attached to close friends, I will have impulses because of my fear of them leaving or rejecting me, these could be emotional breakdowns and angry messages towards them which I later deeply regret and feel guilty about for days. Of course, in the end my...
  6. O

    How do you live with bdp?

    Hi I've been diagnosed with bdp for about a year I went though several diagnosises before they settled on bdp, it's made my whole life make sense. I've struggled with depression since 12yrs old when I was sexually abused had to deal with a violent neglectful father and a Mormon mother who...
  7. T


    Hello exploring the possibilities I may have had untreated bdp for a lot of my adult life. Had a very traumatic child. I've always assumed I have ptsd. Had symptoms of bdp most of my adultife in varying intensities. I most identify with dysfunction relationships and self destructive tendency...
  8. M

    Is BPD real?

    Hello. Hope you are well. I've been admitted to Psychiatric Hospital 3 times the past 2 years. The second hospital diagnosed me with BPD, but for some reason didn't tell me? It was only until I was admitted to the 3rd hospital did they tell me the diagnosis the previous hospital had given...
  9. R

    New here Hi there

    Hi I'm Rachel 12 I'm new to this forum, I have been diagnosed with emotionally unstable personality disorder is there any difference between this and BDP? All comments wellcome and thanks for reading this.
  10. T

    Chronic Suicidal Thoughts - BDP & Bipolar 2 Depression & Anxiety.

    Chronic Suicidal Thoughts - BDP & Bipolar 2 Depression & Anxiety. I have BDP and Bipolar 2. How do Have a normal day anymore? My doctor said that people with BDP Have chronic thoughts of suicide. That That's why I'm having them everyday. Every minute. I want to self harm but I know I will go...
  11. T

    Excessive need to stay in bed (depression)

    Hi all, I'm new! I have BDP and social phobia + depressive episodes and some other...quirks, so to say. I am generally very dissatisfied with my life (family, finance, non-existing social life) and lately, my coping strategy is just not getting up, really. I have to try really, really hard to...
  12. Cheggersgoespop

    drowning in nothingness

    I have bpd and I've just been taken off my lithium suddenly. I'm currently on no medication. I'm in a constant cycle of intrusive thoughts of suicide, anger, sickness, self hatred and more. I was hoping the bdp would just go. I know that's expecting a miracle, but all I want is to live with...
  13. L

    help. Has anyone ever had misdiagnosis with anxiety and BDP

    Sure I had BPD - fit all symptoms over and over - but I'm told it's "JUST" anxiety but its the same for me to feel - its a nightmare an absolute nightmare..anyone else have BDP and anxiety mixed up in diagnosis.. I used to post on here in 2011 after I put my foot through a window in rage with...