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  1. A

    I am really frightened

    Like I've said recently, I've been struggling with suicidal urges. I've noticed that I'm becoming increasingly frightened by thoughts and images. I've phoned helplines for support, and I am doing my best to manage, but it's really hard to keep going. I'm going to have a bath now, and maybe try...
  2. C

    My mum doesn't let me bath

    This is really embarrassing to talk about, but I'm so fed up of keeping it hidden Ever since I was a kid my mum has hardly ever let me have a bath or properly wash myself, which should be one of the most basic things to do right? But not for me!! We don't have a shower or anything, so I try to...
  3. J

    Sister's Hygiene Issues

    I need suggestions for getting my sister to take a bath. She has not had a bath or shower in over seven years. She is bipolar, agoraphobic and severely depressed. She takes a lot of medications for depression and anxiety so she sleeps about 14 hours a day. I want my old sister back and...
  4. M

    Bath and North East Somerset

    When one lives out in the sticks it is quite hard to get support or find any groups.I have always felt it is all about Bath and not Somerset bit:low: m
  5. F

    Irrationality and psychosis

    How much do you think they are connected or unconnected? For example one of the reasons I don't wash much, aside from forgetfulness and lack of motivation, being somewhat irrational. The irrational part being if I don’t bath much then I won’t change clothes much and the washing machine will...
  6. cpuusage

    A bath, a brew and a benzo: is this what Home Treatment Teams have come to?

    A bath, a brew and a benzo: is this what Home Treatment Teams have come to? A bath, a brew and a benzo: is this what Home Treatment Teams have come to? | purplepersuasion
  7. mrlaurel

    my christmas bath

    just taken it :) phew..........
  8. megirl

    self help stuff

    Guess drinking probably isnt really self help but i'll give it a go. Walking might help mybe skulling the rest of this shit wine my quetiapine then a nice relaxing bath maybe i should give it ago. I say i will have a bath but never do. In nz a bath means having the whole tub filled with water. I...
  9. F


    Do you like being given future tasks? My task is to have a bath on Monday prior to going out for coffee with a member of the rehab team. Already i am feeling anxious about it. Totally illogical product of a stupid brain. After all what's so anxiety provoking about a bath? I wonder whether the...
  10. tiltawhirl

    been in hiding

    sorry but I had taken too many klonopin so have had to rapid detox until my refill.:eek: I curl up in the corner of my sofa and just read, read, read novels to escape into and not think. Or feel. Or DO anything. managed a bath last night and pat myself on the back for that. It's a crazy...
  11. M

    a promise to myself no matter how shite i feel in the morning

    tomorrow's achievment's what id like is my day to go about like this.. wake up 7:30am have my morning cuppa or 2 :) then my ciggies or again 2. then i want to clean my whole flat top to bottom and have a long bath shave my horrible :redface: legs lmao. then i want to sit down and write it all...
  12. B


    Just realised the person who's supposed to know me the best doesn't actually have a clue. Been feeling so down and desperate trying to get help told gp truth he phones husband who tells a completely different story. Me: I drag myself out of bed at ten because kids want breakfast and to get...
  13. paul67

    have a bath

    if your feeling low have a bath ive just had one and i feel fan dabby dozy........ put in your oils and shampoos and youll feel like a million dollers.... good luck........:grin:
  14. S

    Blood spots

    I've just had a bath, and noticed that on my stomach I've come up in about 10 or so pinprick blood spots. Some on my back too. Has anyone else experienced this here? I'm wondering if it could be my meds (venlaxafine) or deficiency in something from not eating properly. (or maybe my bath was just...
  15. dodo777

    seen shrink today

    I feel unwell dont know if it was seeing the shrink or not nearlly burst into tears but held back.I knew going back in past was going to hurt but didnt expect the not nice feelings that is still with me 3 hours later just had hot bath hope to have a sleep see if that shakes it off.Seeing him...
  16. dodo777

    FEELING BETTER for now.

    Had a really bad week with daughter dieing mother nearlly there my son living in a hostel and I myself been ill with infections. Starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.Had a really hot bath (much needed)shave scrubed the nicotine off my fingers. I went for a drive ended up buy a...
  17. B

    I predict a riot - help from experienced others please

    And i predict one post each from those guys and that is my limit. Energy running through my fingers, my arms, cannot do anything, anxiety or energy? snappy, irritable, problems sleeping, had olanzapine but not done a great deal or it is wearing off now, could run a marathon, dance the night...
  18. Pixie37

    Woohoo! I've got a new flat!

    :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: I've got a new flat. I'm going to view it at 9am. I can't wait to see it and move. It's lovely and in a quiet area. It looks like an attic flat from the outside how cool :tea: Keep your fingers crosssed for me that it has a bath, just a shower here and i soooo miss...
  19. A

    Hiya, I'm new here....

    Hi guys, I'm new here. I have come to the site to see if I can get some support. I am Bipolar and Schizoaffective. I'm 25 and live in Bath. Not really sure what else to say, so hiya (previously posted in wrong forum)
  20. I


    Anyone live in Bath area? Looking to make new friends, pm if intrested