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  1. qwerty1234

    Professor anxiety

    Ugh, the nicer a school you go to, the bigger the egos of everyone around you, especially the profs. I had a neuroscience prof who never replies to emails like a normal human being. You can feel him reading your email and deliberately not replying to boost himself up over you. There is no...
  2. modem

    I am going to commit suicide

    Hey, In a few months from now I will commit my suicide. I decided it quite a few months back. My voices have been up to persecuting and doing threat of tortures to me. The tortures, including physical pain, is real, and they do it. I think in 2017 I have been tortured something like 1time...
  3. N

    Theres no point

    I have felt suicidal on a regular/daily basis my whole life. I remember thinking about methods to do it many times and it has been an ongoing thought on an almost daily basis. I have let my life go down the drain, ive missed out on so much and i will never get those years back. I have no...
  4. N

    Useful Help and Tips for Anxiety Conditons - Management For Anxiety Conditions

    Useful Help and Tips for Anxiety Conditons - Management For Anxiety Conditions Hi Folks, I thoiught it would be a good idea, to create a thread for managing anxiety conditions and potential problems, although I'll stress now, that anything of serious anxiety note, please seek medical...
  5. N

    Overwhelmed with Anxeity indirectly and direct today

    HI Folks, I'd been overwhelmed with anxity condition today, on an indirect/and direct basis. For a couple of days, I hadn't been wearing my travel wrists bands, in that I thoiught I'll see if I co uld manage withoiut; I was fine on Monday, and Tuesday, and then this late morning before...
  6. M

    New to all this just need to try and communicate with others with mental illnesses

    New to all this just need to try and communicate with others with mental illnesses Hi. For the past 4 years have been suffering with anxiety and depression. About 1 year ago was diagnosed with bipolar. Take medication. Still finding it a little hard to get my head round it all. My mood is like...
  7. C

    Can't smile anymore

    I'm new here and hope I can find people who understand how I feel. In summary .. I'm 47.. single mom to 4 year old.. suffered depression for 20 years. Right now I've hit a point where I feel very isolated. I have a few good friends. But other than one of them I pretty much don't interact with...
  8. frustratedlady

    Cant do this anymore

    I have woken up today feeling really really down and fed up! I hate my life on a daily basis and just dont know how many more days I can go on waking up feeling like this!..
  9. Captain Maybe

    Sometimes you are your best doctor

    Though we need others help and guidance from time to time, one truly can be the best doctor for ones self. sometimes I used to ignore my therapist's advice and do what I "felt" is best, she would encourage me then for finding my way of doing things and healing so on this basis this thought I...
  10. worrymuffin

    you never know how strong you are.....

    ....Until being strong is the only choice you have.... All well and good. But i'm not sure I'm strong enought. I don't know how much more of life I can take. I am so sad and miserable. I have so much to do and no time to do it. I struggle to function on a daily basis. I freak myself out. I...
  11. I


    Is anyone out the stable (ish) and living with / managing their condition?? After adding an anti pychotic to the mix (which was a trial and long story in itself). I feel ok and manage my BP on a day to day basis with no major relapses in a while!! Am I just one of the lucky ones? So many of you...
  12. bobshocker

    the surreal to real

    is surreality part of my personality or part of my 'mood disorder'. the thing is, i'm always so serious when discussing impossible situations, but people laugh at me. i dont mind that. but i think about strange things, like beds flying off car ferry's to france, or turning back time to take...
  13. F

    State of play

    Anxiety/social anxiety is getting worse.Motivation is low.I struggle to think of future goals aside from losing weight(am complete failure at that,only 5lbs lost in 6 months).Feel really lonely at times but getting more and more afraid of dealing with people. Keep forgetting to take AD so end up...
  14. A

    Really need help- Bipolar, depressive,anxiety

    Hi, I'm a 20 year old female. I've dealt with severe depression and anxiety my entire life. About a year ago i was diagnosed with Bi-polar disorder. The most recent drugs I've been on for the past 6 months are Celexa 60 mg and Seroquel 200 mg. Before that I've been on zoloft and cymbalta...
  15. M

    Three week break from the world

    Hello All, I suffer from complex-ptsd and I have just emerged from a three week episode of complete withdrawal. Can I asked anybody suffering from this illness "is this part of c-ptsd or is it the meds (Quetiapine)?? I ask because I alternate almost on a weekly basis from high to low. macj1:cry:
  16. B

    A big thank you from dolly

    Hey everyone I wanted to say a big thank you to all of those who have emailed my MP on account of the trouble I have been having in getting some decent care to help me with my 4 infected wisdom teeth. I really appreciate it and thank you all from the bottom of my heart. You guys are wonderful...
  17. maxitab

    Dissociation - effects on daily living........

    How does it affect your life on a daily basis? What do you do to manage/prevent/minimise and what have you found useful?
  18. R

    social isolation

    does anyone else have trouble getting out ? i have been in near total isolation since june because i can't bear the thought of going out and speaking to people. i live on a diet of bread, cheese and milk because i can get them delivered and go cigarette shopping once a week at 6am. the rest of...
  19. KP1

    Unipolar depression and mood swings

    Has anyone had experience of unipolar depression mood swings as opposed to bi-polar. My moods can definately dip on a daily basis this is easier to recognise when it lifts a little and then dips again. How have people coped with this on a daily basis?
  20. C


    Here is some articles on NLP be wary of this guy. Bandler, one half of the duo who invented it....It was used in the psychiatric system during the 70s and 80s. Here is the but, it was pulled, as the patients and the therapists were picking up bad habits and problems from each other due to the...