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  1. J

    Unexplained weight gain possibly triggering

    Hi, im new. Im stuck in a rut at the moment I am seeing my Dr and am aware no-one here can diagnose me i was just wondering if anyone had been through something similar. Over the past year (4years anorexia got very underweight) Ive gained a lot of weight, on too few calories a day never more...
  2. calmsea

    hello, basic intro

    I'm a 27 year-old male living in California. I feel mentally exhausted right now. My latest diagnosis was major depressive disorder, recurrent episodes, moderate with mood-congruent psychotic features. I also have mixed state depressions. I wish that everyone would be loved and understood. I see...
  3. cpuusage

    List of basic, universal spiritual principles

    Leaving aside any specific dogmas, what do people here see as their core morality, practice & guiding principles, whether religious, non-religious, spiritual, atheist, humanist, etc. List of basic, universal spiritual principles - Spiritual principles - Search for Truth Humanism - Wikipedia...
  4. R


    hi i know i need to be here but i dont know why . i have some things that need to be put right ! im not like every one else when it comes to emotions but i have no idear why . its a problem that has grown as i have . and for this reason i dont really know where i should post to start with ...
  5. cpuusage

    Current circumstances

    Very difficult, complex & in depth circumstances with my family - don't really want to go into the details of it all, & it's too much to try & explain in context. Both my last 2 remaining family members are unwell. i now also have a worsening physical compliant/issue, & have to see a...
  6. R

    Where is Sex in your "hierarchy of needs" ?

    Went to my confidence building course today and we discussed Maslows Hierarchy of Needs.... (theory of motivation or something like that...we didn't go into loads of detail.) It consists of a triangle divided into 5 parts. The bottom part relates to your most basic needs. Sex is in that bit...
  7. sahasrara

    diploma- can't do it can't do it can't do it :(

    Started a health an social care diploma in April an I can't do it! I'm struggling, it dosnt make sense 2 me, my mind is a blank :( my brain feels like slush. The work is simple tho but I cant get my head round it, 8 years ago I was doing gcses and getting As Bs and Cs without effort and now I...
  8. S


    I have been in and out of hospital with depression for a long time, and have just been diagnoised with BPD with axis 2 (unstable emotions apparently) Anyway I think I maybe getting somewhere now and I would like to try and do a WRAP. I was wondering wether there is a basic one I could start...
  9. Aicho

    Hi There!

    I'm 21 now, but I am sick 6 years already, officially. I had a few mental illnesses. Starting with eating disorders, finishing with paranoid schizophrenia.. Although I shouldn't call it the end, I suppose.. I'm here, because I need more information about hearing voices and I want virtual...
  10. ally41

    Bl**dy F***ing B*st*rds

    A couple of weeks ago I was on a (relative) high having just won my appeal to be placed in the support group for ESA after over a year of horrific stress. Someone on here warned me that it wouldn't be for long as they were assessed again after 6 months. Well how about after 2 weeks?? Record...
  11. N

    Help and support

    Hi I was wondering if anyone gets any help and support other than that provided by medication. I have struggled for years with anxiety and raising my kids alone. For five years I lived with my boyfreind and he helped me with everything. Then he left and I'm on my own again. I'm struggling...
  12. missjones

    I don't know if this is a whine or a rant

    Every time I feel depression lifting, something seems to drag me back down. I mentioned to a good friend that I was feeling really chipper and somewhat optimistic. He then said 'so, you've stopped feeling sorry for yourself then?' I honestly thought he had a basic understanding of depression...
  13. nickh

    Talking Therapies Explained

    The Mental Health Foundation have published a new booklet entitled 'Talking Therapies Explained' which can be downloaded via a link at..... https://www.mentalhealth.org.uk/publications/talking-therapies-explained The booklet is a basic guide to why and when you might want a Talking Therapy...