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  1. L

    Greetings from a newbie

    Hi everyone, I'm from Malaysia and so glad to have found this active forum. I have anxiety and panic disorder, in joining this forum I hope to seek advice at the same time provide some advices based on my experience with my disorder. Looking forward to get to know all of you here :)
  2. N

    Hearing Delusions

    Hi Evening Folks, Just to recap, both on Thursday and Friday late afternoon/early evening times I had a series and as I am sensitive, of hearing delusions. These filtered through a series of feeling very tired. Today, I'm fine, very well no hearing delusions at all. I think, that for the...
  3. Mayflower7

    ESA Income based

    Hi All, Had the dreaded brown envelope this morning, I am on ESA contribution based and PIP. It seems the DWP want to assess if I should have been on ESA income based dating back to 2011. I am so scared, massive form to fill in. Anybody else had this happen? Thanks so much for any support/advice
  4. G

    Hiya, I'm in search of info...

    I joined this site because my mom recently came into some news about her health and it's spiraled her into some kind of defensive mechanism or whatnot state that seems to be getting worse (I have my own issues but that's for another day ;P). Since I can only make partial guesses based on her...
  5. J

    Hi I'm new..

    Hi I'm new to online forums. I have diagnosis of bpd, dysthymia and generalised anxiety disorder..I have been in recovery since 2012 and am no longer on anti depressants...for past year.. but have had lots of CBT based therapies the latest being a self esteem course. Learning to manage myself...
  6. J

    Please help

    I currently claim ESA - I'm not sure if it's contribution based or income based - I get a fortnightly payment of £146.20. I started my claim on September 20th 2017 - now I'm reading that my benefit will be stopped in a couple of months time because you're only allowed to claim for 1 year? Is...
  7. B

    Please help me!!!! :(

    I will pay ONE THOUSAND FUCKING DOLLARS TO ANYONE who will be my FUCKING co-writer for a realistic drama novel based on the movie MANIC. HELP ME RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:(
  8. M

    Voluntary work advice please ?

    Hello. I would like to start doing some volunteer work, just two days per week to start with. Does anyone have any suggestions where to look ? I am UK based. Thank you :salut:
  9. N

    My Schiophrenia Based Coniditions Mixed Up = Flared Up/Before and After holiday/vacation

    My Schiophrenia Based Coniditions Mixed Up = Flared Up/Before and After holiday/vacation Hi Folks, Since before the holiday, and during, my szchiophrenia based condiitons have not been happy. I have been having disruptive sleep, a lot, and also my mild acute forms of anxiety and paranoia...
  10. K

    Paper based assessments

    My GF PIP Form was submitted a few weeks back. I believe the Form touched all of the points raised. Their was a brief support letter from her consultant, one from her GP with a list of medication. The girl has been sectioned three times within the past five years. That’s the outline A few days...
  11. J

    Do people on income based ESA get reassessments?

    Do people on income based ESA get reassessments? And if they do how long do people who are on ESA usually get to stay on ESA before they are told that they are "fit to work" and then lose their ESA?
  12. N

    Maintaining and Improving Weight Loss Programming

    Hi all, As i explained in another thread, I intend to workout on a regular fr equent basis, to help aid support recovery for mental health wellbeing, and also, it's a bonus if i happen to lose weight. I shall get a 12 minute workout done, in the afternoon, tomorrow, now, I am just easing back...
  13. A

    Writing A Book Based On My MH

    Hey everyone! I'm not sure i'm this goes here but whatever.... So I'm writing a book based on my experiences with mental health (GAD + Depression, with Bipolar-like mood swings, and obsessive/intrusive thoughts) called "This Is About You. It follows a young man named Adam as he goes through...
  14. S

    I'm a caregiver

    Hello Every one! I just joined this site because I strongly feel the need to have more support and understanding. I'm a 35 y/o mother to 3 great kids. I have a 15 y/o daughter, 13 y/o son, and an 12 y/o daughter. The strange journey that has led me here is because my 12 year old daughter...
  15. N

    Szchophrenia - Very Well, update

    Hi Folks, I am very well through my szchophrenia based condiitons. I don't have any hearing voices, and also no hallucinations. My paranoia levels are very well behaving, and my anixiety levels are fine, I'm a picture of very metal recovery health positive and very well being character...
  16. V

    Night number five

    I'm becoming increasingly tired. Accidentally fell asleep briefly a couple of times causing a voice to start shouting at me and very bad nightmares every single time all based in a hospital.
  17. bootoblue

    It is not true.

    Contribution based esa is commonly thought to last for the first year then over to income based. Contribution based can go for 3 years.
  18. B

    Esa - contribution to income based

    Hi everyone I am new here so please be gentle After a serious car crash several years ago i started with ptsd and after seeing two psychiatrists they both agreed i would probably never work again I was lucky to get early retirement due to ill health from my employer and a pension i have four...
  19. L

    working out my daughters benefits.

    Hello everyone. This is the first time I have been on any forum (and just learning how to use a computer so please bear with me). Every since my daughter was moved from ib to esa I have just accepted the money she was granted and was grateful for it. She's on contribution esa and dla (high rate...
  20. Artmuzz

    Getting ESA stopped. Please Help!

    Today I got a letter from DWP telling me that the last payment for Contribution based ESA will be in the end of March 2014. This means the DWP will not pay me anymore ESA money after the end of March. I got put on Contribution based ESA automatically from IB about a year ago. I am really...