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  1. Kerome

    How mindfulness works to break bad habits

    I thought people might like this article, it seems to have a decent handle on things, especially how the equanimity of base awareness can interrupt reward cycles. Lots of illustrations :) How Mindfulness Works to Break Bad Habits - Mindful
  2. V

    How do you know what you want out of life?

    Sorry wasn't sure what forum was most appropriate" How do you decide what you want to do with your life? I'm not in a great place at the moment, but I'm always thinking about 'what to do if I get better' and stuff. Do I base my life around making myself happy? Do I base my life around making...
  3. megirl

    where is everyone??

    I feel like theres so many people that used to be on the forum that we don't hear from anymore. Its bothering me, well maybe its a good thing, maybe people have moved on to the journey of wellness. Guess I at times dont post either when things are ok. But I kind of come here as this is some kind...
  4. G

    phased return

    Hiya I need to rant, work has fcuked up my phased return. I had a meeting with my union rep and hr and boss a week before i was meant to be going back. Said the building is causing me to get stressed and all that. So it was suggested i move another base. I agreed. They said what about base...
  5. N

    Hi everyone !

    just to say hello, how are you all, im coping with a severe enduring illness well psychosis to be truthfull, thought i would touch base. Wishing you all the best nice to meet you .:)