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  1. R

    disability mate crime

    i get friend requests on facebook from people i don’t know, i wonder if they’ve picked up i’m vulnerable and are trying to befriend in order to take monetary advantage last night i had someone really banging on the door, i don’t want to answer when i’m half asleep, but again i wonder if iy’s...
  2. T

    What stigma really looks like

    So I live on a council estate I was brought up in a HUGE secluded house with a big garden and complete privacy. I live with three sets of neighbours The ones to the left of me are ok they play music and have a nice time. The ones to the back of me got all funny with me about my labrador But...
  3. Tired Daisy

    Anger and stress

    So sometimes I'd get into an anger and stress session sometimes brake stuff over situations of being constantly knocked back from women or not receiving a parcel from ebay or something that somebody said to me 3 years later but still goes on in my head. Also silly things like my mothers face or...
  4. S

    Cant cope right now

    I cant cope right now.. My landlord knows about my quite bad anxiety problems and he sent over some workers to do work on the roof above my flat without telling me anything.. I just heard a couple hours ago some noises outside so looked out the window to see some people climbing a ladder to the...
  5. W

    partner wanted to be carer. now he's making me feel horrible :(

    I was against the idea. But he wanted to have time off work etc and urged me, I finally accepted and now he's going about like I'm terminally ill and he's tied down. He's checking out other women ALOT, trying to find excuses to talk to exes, banging on about success he could have had as a...
  6. S


    I'm not sure what to say, so this may turn out looking like the least attractive dating profile ever. I am an undiagnosed fucked-up individual who has a continuous flirtation with suicidal thoughts. I have seen 2 therapists in the past and am starting a third one very soon. (Third time's the...
  7. R

    banging on door in early hours

    again i was woken up by banging on the door in the early hours of fri night, leaves me feeling bad been woken up in the middle of the night from my meds Mentioned it to support worker once he said brent police have better things to do than spend 700 pounds on a cctv system for you If it helps...
  8. C

    Psychological Attack - Has anyone had these experiences before?

    I believe that I'm the subject of a psychological attack that involves me being placed under sustained psychological pressure using psychological techniques, such as sensitization, suggestion and what I believe is known as ‘mentalism’, where it would appear as though my mind is being read and my...
  9. C

    Man on my roof

    Hey. First I thought I was tripping..banging about on my roof. Ah no. It's a man fixing my kitchen roof window. About bloody time! It got broke last week when a tile came through in the storms. Lucky it's double glazed & it only smashed the first pane Otherwise it would have been like siberia...
  10. R

    woken up by banging on door at night

    i don't recall for a long time when someone hasn't been banging on the door when i'm asleep waking me up, sometimes 2 in the morning today at 8 i don't answer, if i ended up having to call the police i'd be waiting around for hrs by which time they'd be gone, i'd rather not confront them Asked...
  11. S

    What type schizophrenia is this - My Neighbour's Son

    My neighbours son hears voices, he follows me around daily all day every day from room to room listening to voices as he does it then starts banging, scrapping the ceiling directly above me then just lingers there moving occasionally over the same spot then starts banging scrapping the ceiling...
  12. mrlaurel

    2013... Hows it strated for you?

    morning folks, so how has 2013 started off for you? I have been feeling a little low for a couple of days after new years day... normal life took over so quickly, my daughter went back to work so it was just me and an empty flat again :( so how are you? any plans for this year? any goals...
  13. Sammy1980

    Just want everyone to f**k off at the mo!

    I would love to speak to anyone else who has BPD, how do you cope with your mood swings, even the dog is scared to come near me today :( I feel so angry, and it all started because my husband said he would wash up and he didn't, he forgot. So there is me banging in the kitchen, being a full...
  14. W


    I'm feeling so desperate at the moment. I can't get these thoughts out of my head. I have already scratched myself hard. Now all I can think about is cutting, hitting myself, screaming and banging my head against a wall. I feel so lonely and depressed and I don't want to worry anyone. :(
  15. A

    Boyfriend is in denial that I am crazy

    I'm so upset I don't know if this post will make any sense, but always when I have a moment or say something odd, my other half will tell me 'not to say it like that' because it scares him. tonight I couldnt get the though out of my head about banging my head against the table, so I just said it...