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  1. D

    OCD And Routine

    Hello, I am in this section of the forum because in addition to other mental health challenges, OCD is a major issue for me especially with regards to routine and organization. I often feel like if my routine is interrupted, it throws my entire day off balance. I often have a "Daily Agenda" that...
  2. L

    what goes up must come down

    Ive had this problem before i tried to stay away from being happy cos when i crash with just a few negative thoughts .I crash big time. I find im trying to help myself but i cant seem to find any balance at all. Thats what its all about for us isnt it balance. Keeping our emotions stable. I...
  3. amathus

    Seven Ways Mentally Strong People Combat Stress (Article)

    While stress causes some people to crumble, mentally strong people continue to thrive in the midst of added tension. In fact, they view adversity as an opportunity for self-growth. Whether they're dealing with financial setbacks, health problems, or workplace difficulties, mentally strong people...
  4. E

    Emotional Connection

    Emotional connection with others is vital for well-being. It releases the "cuddle hormone" oxytocin and has a comforting effect. Sex and hugs are most commonly mentioned as the ways to get a shot of oxytocin. But there are also other ways to get an oxytocin boost. It turns out that we all need...
  5. C

    fight or flight?

    Hi all. Now everyone goes on about the "fight or flight" response. That's all well & good but there's a third. And that's to just freeze on the spot. This is my main problem. Last week I was in town & had a panic. When I panic, my legs either go to jelly or go stiff. Not joking, it took me...
  6. Sarah0407

    New job dilemma

    Hi Guys Sorry I don't really post much on the forum, I feel like people help me more than I help them on here... but I'm always willing to help if I can. I don't visit forums anywhere near as much as I used to, mostly because of the routine of daily adult life but sometimes I find myself just...
  7. K

    Body doesnt listen to me

    My body is very tense almost all day from the minute i fall asleep to the minute i wake up. My legs are not listining to me. I have very poor balance and usually walk like im drunk. Legs feel heavy at times. It gets worse when i think that people are looking at me or even worse, walking behind...
  8. K

    the magic of delusions and one delusional perpective of the world

    "Signs" My favourite word. Signs are everywhere. I don't know if these signs appear for everyone and they just don't understand them or if I'm just special somehow. All I know is there are signs and I'm learning to read them. Sometimes they hurt sometimes they're confusing but there are times...
  9. Gajolene

    Do you schedule your day?

    Thinking on these changes I want to make, new years resolutions and thinking I need a schedule to make sure I balance everything I want to include. So does anyone schedule their days as part of the recovery process and how so? Thinking main things, Self care/health care Exercise Meal...
  10. Gajolene

    Strategies for Coping With Trauma, self help tips,

    Emotional and Psychological Trauma: Symptoms, Treatment, and Recovery Emotional and psychological trauma recovery tips Recovering from emotional and psychological trauma takes time. Give yourself time to heal and to mourn the losses you’ve experienced. Don’t try to force the healing process...
  11. prairiechick

    Really struggling to eat

    I don't really know why the switch flipped for me. I feel I am overweight and usually when I am stressed I over eat, but now, after quitting my job, getting accepted into uni, moving back to where I grew up, moving into a new apartment, and starting therapy, all of a sudden I can't eat. I have...
  12. BradyLady

    Stuck in a vicious cycle

    Here is the background. Several years ago, I was in a car accident that left me with permanent mobility limits. I do not have full range of motion on my right side, neither hip nor shoulder. My balance is poor, and I must walk with a cane. If I'm going somewhere there will be a lot of walking...
  13. PerfectSurvivor

    All work and no play......

    Been workin hard, maybe too hard I wake I work, I sleep then work thats my life right now, got lotts of money coming in but no balance to my life.
  14. U

    Normal to fee like this on clonazepam

    Hi I've been walking around and kind stumbling feeling week my wife says I Am slow and strange but I am very calm and quite off balance II currently take 2 mg before bed for my headaches Is this normal or do I need to adjust. I've only been on it for 3 days
  15. anouska

    Oh what the hell,...

    smoked 9 ciggies so far, need something to get me through this blip (been told by Neurologist to never smoke again. Rapid cycling yesterday, Psychosis, suicidal (now i'm out of my wheelchair (in remission) have MS) nearly jumped out the top floor flat window. Was close to hospital admission...
  16. cpuusage

    The Shaman's view of Schizophrenia

    1 st Person - 1st Person mental health magazine Contemporaryshaman. Odette Nightsky! The Shaman's view of Schizophrenia 1991 was the beginning of my research and investigation into the area of what I refer to as the world of the Acute sensitive. I was living in a little coastal town south of...
  17. P

    please can someone help me!!

    i went to check my balance and i have only been paid half the amount .. i am currently waiting on a decision as i needed to do my esa50 form after being in support group for 6 months .. so its being re assessed... okay now i have explaineed that the time i got paid before christmas i felt as...
  18. amathus

    Can you say 'no' ?

    When I say 'no' to someone or something, it usually makes me feel the guilty party.... The Trick to Saying "No" | Relationships in Balance
  19. P

    Feeling lonely/isolated

    Hey there, I guess after crying for an hour with no apparent result I might as well seek advice or feedback in this forum... my mood is as usual all over the place and I can't find balance. My whole life seems to be chaos right now. Everywhere I look is chaos, everything I think about (if I can...
  20. diamondshine

    hate myself, hate my scars

    How do you balance the two? I hate myself so much, which is I guess where the SH comes in. But I hate the fact that I have scars. Even though they're in places that no-one really sees, I know they are there, I see them. And I hate them. Every time I vow to myself that the last time I SH'd will...