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  1. N

    Light headed/Off balance Feeling?

    I was just wondering if any well else has dealt with this symptom. If I'm going through something stressful I get a bout of lightheadedness/Off balance feeling for about a week or so. It also tends to numb my emotions. Having this makes it very hard to work or do anything for that matter. Just...
  2. Mdeey

    Dizziness due to anxiety or vice versa.

    Hello, I just came across this forum and it looks like the perfect place to discuss some thoughts. I've been dealing with anxiety for about 5 years now, which I didn't know until a year ago. I’ll skip that part for now.. So for the past 2 years I’ve been experiencing these weird balance...
  3. T


    I.... How can I... Stop. I have to... I cant.. what ..... Stop. Breathe in. Drop the veil. Quiet. Breathe out. Begin. I am struggling. How can I fix this? I have to stop giving into this crippling doubt. I can’t seem to find the solution. What will happen if I can’t find the balance? How...
  4. Mr.NiceGuy

    Dizzyness and meds

    I don't know what kind of 'mystical wonders' everyone on this forum believes there anti psychotics do for them, but for me they simply make me feel sick standing and esp. dizzy, that I HAVE to lay down or else stumble around in a daze. The fact that they act on my balance system this way makes...

    Do you have any goals for 2018?

    “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” ― Albert Einstein What are you going to do to keep moving?
  6. V

    parenting and mental illness

    I am a young parent, I got pregnant at 18 and now my daughter is six. I work in a preschool as well and sometimes find it very hard to balance my cyclothmia episodes and taking care of children. If I am having an episode I can call out of work which is great, I have a very understanding boss who...
  7. Mr.NiceGuy

    gravity the answer to schizophrenia

    A person can summon voices by using voluntary tones of tinnitus or voluntary voice creating. Recording the inner ear while you are upset with voices and simultaneously using voluntary tones of tinnitus or voluntary voice creating is an alternative treatment. I observed that an animal such as a...
  8. E

    Hello I am essay

    Hi I am essay, I like to write about my personal philosophies. I use poor English but have also confidence in others that my text will be understood. In my life I have been confrontated with several severe episodes of mania and depression. In some cases I have had successful institutional...
  9. B

    My View Of Voices

    I think it can be like balancing two scales. If they say things that are negative and you know that what they are saying is wrong, you have to balance it again. I think it takes time to get the scales in balance again I think that saying it to yourself or writing the reasons why they are wrong...
  10. Zoscia

    Accepting my life as it is

    Hello, A friend suggested that i sign up to a forum because i don't have anyone to talk to! She works all day and i think i call her too much. I am not working at the moment and have not been for longer than i would have hoped. I was diagnosed in 2007 with Bi-polar Disorder but had been unwell...
  11. J

    Hi all

    I've been on the hunt for a new outlet for my issues, since I haven't been to see my therapist for months now. Not by choice, I've just been too busy with work and home to make time. Besides, everything was going relatively well, so I didn't think it was terribly necessary. That was a mistake...
  12. 6

    Off the ledge

    After 3 days of being happy and hyper and productive I crashed hard yesterday. Sat in a parking lot googling suicide. I know I would never follow through unless the demons got more powerful and convinced me otherwise. A friend came and sat with me. I told her today that she pulled me off the...
  13. cpuusage

    The Universal Equilibrium

    https://satorirei.com/2016/02/11/the-universal-equilibrium/ Nothing in the universe, or multiverse, is created randomly. There is an equilibrium ever present, connecting all things in a higher field of Consciousness and self-manifestation. Everything is interconnected. There are no isolated...
  14. angry butterfly


    Balance i believe is one if not the most important thing in life. it's important in everything. it's when the balance is wrong that problems are caused. This goes for people, nature, everything.
  15. pepecat

    The Splendid Spiritual Practice of Silence

    The Splendid Spiritual Practice of Silence | Spirituality & Health Magazine The Splendid Spiritual Practice of Silence A former monk shares insights from a year of solitary prayer and contemplation A few weeks after I graduated from high school, I left home and went away to a monastery. For...
  16. G

    Mental health TV this upcoming week

    Daily 9am, Frasier, Channel 4. The psychiatrist abandons his bar-propping in Boston (a heavily Irish descendant city in the north eastern USA) in favour of presenting a radio show in Seattle (a more Hippie influenced city in the north west). However, his new life is thrown into upheaval when...
  17. C

    Frozen by Indecisiveness...

    Hi, I'm struggling to make sense of everything in my life and what the right choices are... I can dissect every single choice and both in a positive and negative way and it seems that no matter what I choose I will be left feeling guilt and shame for my actions. I feel like I've ruined my life...
  18. amathus

    Are Narcissists Born Not Made? Article.

    There’s a saying that some artists or masterful musicians and craftsmen are “born, not made.” In some ways, our DNA imprints much of our future personalities and talents into our human form, but some paths that are followed are created by us, not born into us. Narcissism is one of those traits...
  19. M

    Why is everything so hard?

    Hi everyone, everything just seems to be getting on top of me at the moment and I don't know where to turn for advice or support. My husband suffers from bipolar disorder, my best friend does too and my mum suffers from paranoid schizophrenia. My problem is that all 3 of them are suffering from...
  20. Jaminacaranda

    I think maybe I'm OK now

    Tomorrow I'm going to see the therapist I've been meeting with for the past six weeks and I'm going to tell her I won't be seeing her again. I've been paying her £40 an hour and no - I'm not sure she has truly earned that. She is lovely and she has listened, that is true, but she hasn't offered...